First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 2
Ashura by jackydik-d5h27at

As he appears in Fighters of Lapis 5 and Mysterious Five Project.

Ashura is a glitched version of Sonic. He was recruited into Tabuu's scheme in The Cries of Missingno, along with Herobrine. He eventually joined the heroes and fought against Tabuu and Herobrine.

He uses glitch-based attacks, such as being able to fall through the floor and lagging opponents.


  • Standard Special: Glitched Projectile - The projectile fires like normal before suddenly skipping around in a small radius, trapping anyone that got hit by it. It then vanishes.
  • Side Special: Glitch Teleport - Teleports to the other side of the stage. This move can be executed very fast although Ashura can't preform it after he has been hit, making the player wait a few seconds before using it again.
  • Up Special: Glitch Spring - Ashura uses a spring that sends him up absurdly high in one direction. He can't move until he is five seconds into the air, so it is not as great as a recovery move as you may think.
  • Down Special: Floor Travel - Ashura sinks into the floor and can still attack from inside the floor. However he can be grabbed out of the floor.
  • Super Move: Absorb - Ashura absorbs the game's code and unleashes a powerful and deadly attack that spans the entire stage, similar to Tabuu's wings. This can be blocked.