First Appearance: Fighters of Lapis 3

A Tribyte, the most common variation of Aurum.

The Aurum (オーラム o-ramu) are a species of aliens in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are attracted to battle, as Palutena said, and the war between humankind, the Forces of Nature and the Underworld Army had attracted them to Earth. They have taken over and harvested previous planets that they have come across to create massive islands, battleships, and cruisers.

In Fighters of Lapis, they appear as Tabuu's main army in Fighters of Lapis 3, alongside the Orcs and Primids.


The Aurum vary in appearance. The majority resemble white geometric shapes with various features. It could be said they look a lot like computer programs and act in very stable, methodical fashions. The only Aurum member that looks somewhat alive is the Zaurum. The Aurum have also successfully copied characters like Kirby and other enemies. These Aurum have a white and binary green in color like the rest of the Aurum troops.

Nature and Goals

The Aurum have one uniform aim, stemmed from the Aurum Brain itself; to consume and be all. From Pyrrhon's dialogue when possessed by the Aurum Brain, their single-minded desire to achieve this task is shown. Viridi does comment that they follow the same pattern as living things in the way they consume and kill other species to survive, but they are far too unnatural and destructive.

The Aurum have no individuality of any sort, being controlled by the Aurum Brain. They ransack planets they conquer, pulling up entire chunks of land via anti-gravity beams to create their bases, regardless of the inhabitants of the earth. To further emphasize their destructive nature, the Aurum are literally drawn to the "flame of battle." Palutena describes them as "hungry moths," aptly regarding their affinity for ruination and their helpless urge to plunder.

It is unknown why they would be led by Tabuu, although it is possible they were being controlled by him using his chains of light.