An bee hive, swarming with bees.
Series SSB Animal Crossing Series
Item Class Touch
Appearance Fighters of Lapis 5/די_ספעיס_קריזיס_וו

The Beehive is an item that appears in Fighters of Lapis.


In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they can be picked up after being shook from the trees, whether the player is stung or not, and can be sold for 500 Bells at Re-Tail. In all previous Animal Crossing games, they simply disappear. Beehives (or more specifically honey from the beehive) may also appear as an ingredient for the Harvest Festival.

In the Fighters of Lapis Series

The Beehive appears in Fighters of Lapis 5. When it appears, it does initially nothing until a fighter touches it. Once touched, the bees from the hive will attack the character who touched the hive, chasing them. Characters that touch the bee hive can escape the swarm by getting into water or managing to pass the swarm to someone else. If the bees catch up, the character will be stung, getting tons of damage.

There is a 5% chance when Villager cuts down a tree, a bee hive will appear.