First appearance: World War X

Don-Chan, also known as Dimensional Pied Piper.

Don-Chan (also known as the Dimensional Pied Piper) is the most powerful character in the Lapisverse, it's power exceeding that of Morgan Freeman's and Irregular. Known as the Dimensional Pied Piper for his ability to traverse the multiverse like butter and being able to summon characters from other universe to attack, Don-Chan seems completely unaware of his power.

He is a taiko drum with a white edge and four legs, a red face (which appears to be moly orange), and a light blue body. Don's dream is to share the beauty of Taiko with the world. He has a monstrous appetite and sometimes has expensive shopping at the Wada House which may take over for the worst. He usually ends his sentences with "Ta-don", meaning "Ba-dum" in Japanese.

In his home universe (The Taiko no Tatsujin Universe) he lives at the Wada House.


  • Standard Special: Taiko Rhythm - Sends out a drum blast, which circles around him.
  • Side Special: Kart Race - Speeds away in kart, running over anyone in his way.
  • Up Special: Tempo Jump - Blasts himself up, sending soundwaves to the ground.
  • Down Special: Special Dancing - Sends out a summon from one of the many alternate universes (Namco, Gundam, Mario, Vocaloid, Sonic...)
  • Super Move: Taiko Through Time - Summons ninjas, dinosaurs, and dragons to attack the stage.