Extreme Fighters II: Shards of the Past is the sequel to Extreme Fighters and a reboot of the second game of the franchise, Extreme Fighters 2: Modern Warfare. This version of the game feautres more mature content and a censored version will be available on Fantendo in November. Shards of the Past features a whole new cast of characters and no one from the previous game is returning (with few exceptions such as Honey the Cat).

Shards of the Past takes place in three different time periods, past, present and future. When fightning normally through Extreme Battle mode, the player can access the different time periods by collecting Time Meddalions. This changes stages and the characters. Shards of the Past story mode is a topdown role-playing game, serving as a parody to classic RPGs. The game also has a free exploration mode, based on Sonic Adventure DX mission mode.

Extreme Fighters II: Shards of the Past also haves amiibo features, players can collect toys of the characters that can learn new abilities and several game styles. They are not required to unlock game content. The game also has a singleplayer mode called "The Secret Caves" which plays similarly to the Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World, where only certain characters can enter. It can unlock new game stuff and can be playable on a portable system such as a Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS or even an iOS or an Android app.




Unlike most umbrella games, all characters are available from start.

Image Character Description Franchise
Honey Honey the Cat

She is back from the last game, though she loses the Golden Pistols that she had in the first one, she now becomes a more fast paced fighter with weak moves but she can create deadly combos.
Her default partner in Duo Mode is Marceline. She was the first character to be confirmed, even before the game was announced.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Marceline Marceline

The first newcomer of the game, Marceline is an immortal vampire and one of the most mysterious citizens of the Land of Ooo. She uses her vampire skills, which are considered a close ranged move along with other moves such as using her Guitar as a weapon.
Her default partner in Duo Mode is Honey the Cat. She was the first newcomer announced.
Adventure Time

He is going take you back to the past, to show the shitty games that suck ass. Even though he may look like a normal Nerd, he is an angry one. He has a special power, which is his own anger, that works like Lucario's Aura, which builds up depending of how much damage he took. He uses a Power Glove and uses a the Power Pad as a cape.
His default partner is TBA. He is the first male character confirmed.
Angry Video Game Nerd
Captain Toad Captain Toad

Captain Planet Toad, he is our hero! Captain Toad is the only character (so far) that can't jump, so he can't peform air combos or aerial attacks at all. He relies on pickaxes, turnips and a minecart as attacks. While attacking an enemy, he can collect gems that increase his attack power slightly.
His default partner is TBA. He was announced along with the amiibo feature.
Mario (Other)
FunkyMonkey Funky Monkey

Get prepared to feel the funky feelings from the Funky Monkey, a high-tech super trained monkey. I don't get it either that was an actual movie. His moveset consists of weak punches and one projectile, a football. Which is weak and pretty easy to dodge.
His default partner is Ed. He is the first joke character on the game.
Edmonkey Ed

Ed is a monkey that plays baseball. For some reason. He uses a baseball and a bat as his weapons. He can use both to give a small boost on his attacks.
His default partner is Funky Monkey. He is the most powerful joke character.


Like other umbrellas such as Fighters of Lapis 5/די ספעיס קריזיס וו and First Shot, Extreme Fighters II: Shards of the Past allows user-created characters. If you want to create a mod for the game, click here.


Normal Game

Starting Stages

Unlockable Stages

The Secret Cave


Image Character Description Franchise
SteelSamurai Steel Samurai The warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo! The Steel Samurai attacks with his giant stick thingy and can reflect projectiles using his fan. Ace Attorney


Story Mode

The Secret Cave


Story Mode

The Secret Cave

amiibo Figures

Joke characters doesn't has amiibo figures.

Figure Notes
Honey the Cat (Normal) N/A.
Honey the Cat (Extreme Fighters) Can be used in the previous game. Uses her original moveset.
Honey the Cat (Classic) Honey on her classic outflit from Sonic the Fighters. Uses her moveset from that game as well.
Honey the Cat (Megamix) Honey in her human version featured in Fighters Megamix. Uses her moveset from that game as well.
Marceline (Anime) N/A.
Marceline (Cartoon) Only an appearance change, moveset doesn't changes.
Marceline (Comics) Only an appearance change, moveset doesn't changes.
AVGN (Normal) N/A.
AVGN (James Rolfe) Only an appearance change, moveset doesn't changes.
AVGN (Mike Matei) Gives him Mike's laser sword from Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.
AVGN (Guitar Guy) Gives him Guitar Guy's guitar, which can be used as a melee weapon and can shoot projectiles, as seen in Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.
AVGN (Bullshit Man) Gives him Bullshit Man's ability to shoot literal shit.
Captain Toad (Normal) N/A.
Captain Toad (Galaxy) Only an appearance change, moveset doesn't changes.
Captain Toad (Normal Toad) Can't use the pickaxe, gains the ability to jump.