Single Character Mods

Image Name Series Info
Splatoon Ika
Ika SSB Splatoon

ModTagFOL5A paint-ball blasting squid. She can shoot paintballs at opponents as well as the ground, giving her space to become a squid and swim through the paint! She can easily hide and dodge opponents in the paint, but can't attack, so you'll eventually have to become human again.

Mod created by Exotoro.

Multi Character Mods

SSB4 Newcomer pack

Image Name Series Info
250px-Duck Hunt SSB4 Render Duck Hunt SSB DuckHunt

ModTagFOL5Dog and Duck combine forces in this fighter! Duck Hunt fights with scratching, biting, shooting using a rifle, and random duck attacks. He can also summon his owner who is not seen because he's in the forground shooting at the opponent. He can also be seen riding on a Duck swarm!

Mod created by Dewott the Epic.

Super smash bros wii fit trainer render by swagnite-d6b26o2 Wii Fit Trainer SSB WiiFit

ModTagFOL5Even though Wii Fit Trainer is in the sequel she now takes one step back and now is in Fighters of Lapis 5! She fights with yoga and a little bit of kung fu, and when in deep waters she summons her ballance board to aid her in her battle! 

300px-Dark Pit SSB4 Render Dark Pit SSB Kid Icarus Series ModTagFOL5Dark Pit now joins in! Unlike Pit he fights with beefed up dark attacks, yet tends to not have as much defence as Pit. Other than that he's just a sort of clone of Pit. He's atleast not as useless as he is in the new Smash Bros.