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The wiki for all things Fighters of Lapis. The series was created by Exotoro originally on Fantendo, but due to recent changes on the wiki, were archived here. It become the main source for information concerning such projects in the series and spin-offs. The wiki also hosts other umbrellas and projects made by other users. It has also become home to an original cast of stories.

As Fantendo drives itself forward as a community-based site, we feel like content creation is being left behind. On Lapis, content is important and we want to work to make it the best it can be. Lapis should be a bastion for content, with very little restrictions on what should and shouldn't be allowed on here. However, there will still be rules users must abide by.

Since it's creation as a database for the Fighters of Lapis series, the wiki has grown to include other fan games, whether they be author appeal projects, like the Fighters of Lapis series was, or they be based on a single particular series. Unlike other wikis, the Lapis Wiki is quite lenient with the content allowed as long as it is of good quality, though still maintains a set of rules that deliver punishments should they not be followed.

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The Fighters of Lapis is a wiki about umbrellas/baby waffles/original stories. There have been 1,075 articles since May 2014.

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