This is the list of alternate costumes in Flames of Despair. This page features pictures for those costumes along with the cost of them on the shop.


Image Name Shop Description
RosalinaZeroSuit Zero Suit Price: 300 coins.
When the galaxies of Mario and Metroid crosses this is the result of it. Bounty Hunter Rosalina on her's armorless form.
NOTE: This costume doesn't affects the Lumas.
RosalinaRaceSuit Racer Suit Price: 300 coins.
Even the godesss of the galaxies has entered the wackiest racing tournament of the world, known as Mario Kart. This is the costume that she used on the races.
NOTE: This costume doesn't affects the Lumas.
Rosalina in Black Black Dress Price: 300 coins.
Sometimes, it is good to get new clothes. And so Rosalina got a black variant of her classic blue dress. You gotta admit that it looks nice.
NOTE: This costume doesn't affects the Lumas.
200px-Rosalina ws Pink Dress & Light Blue Luma Price: 300 coins.
Another variant of her classic blue dress, now being a more traditional pink styled colored dress. This costume also affects her's little buddies, the Lumas, giving it a lighter blue skin to them.
CosmicRosalina22712 Cosmic Clone Price: 300 coins.
The universe is full of mysteries and the Cosmic Clone is one of them. It is a clone of Rosalina made using fibers of the galaxy itself. You can see the whole galaxy by just looking at it.
NOTE: This costume doesn't affects the Lumas.
Tanooki Rosalina Tanooki Suit Price: 300 coins.
In her surprise appearance in the fat plumber adventures, Rosalina managed to use the power of the Tanooki Suit. Here, she can't use it, but it is a nice touch. Even the little Lumas wear it.
RosalinaSportsByEva Sports Suit Price: 300 coins.
Despite not appearing in the Mario Strikers tournament yet, Rosalina has already got her costume to the battle.
NOTE: This costume doesn't affects the Lumas.
RosalinaAlt1 Future Suit Price: 500 coins.
In the future, Rosalina would look like this. Science fiction can even affect the gods, even the cute little Lumas can look like deadly machines.
RosalinaAlt2 Evil Version Price: 300 coins.
Every has its bad sides and Rosalina is no different. The goddesses of the cosmos now shows the bad part that she left behind but now is brought back. This change also affects her "children", the Lumas.
RosalinaAlt3 Rosalina Alt. Price: 300 coins.
This is how the goddesses of the cosmos looks like without her dress. That's it.
NOTE: This costume doesn't affects the Lumas.