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This is a joke article, possibly made to make fun of God Mario. Understand that is is not supposed to be taken seriously.
The form is accessed when Waluigi wins a game without cheating. It turns Waluigi into his god form, and is able to shoot strong energy beams at enemies and is an instant kill move. The universe will then collapse, for the Anti-God has emerged and will destroy the universe and everything in it.


When the multiverse was first created, a life form only known as Waluigi's Diarrhea was sent into the far reaches of space. Forever floating in space, and would only be activated when a person by the same name of the anti-matter substance reached a impossible goal.

Luckily, there is only one person in the entire multiverse with the name of Waluigi.

The Waluigi's Diarrhea is eating away at other universes for being Anti-Matter. Similarly, Waluigi is slowly eating away at all the toad corpses in Wario's basement because he simply is Waluigi.

Mario then found the anti-matter substance in another timeline and was able to harness it. However, the Fantendoverse timeline found out and made Mario get rid of it. As such, Waluigi is the only person able to summon it, and he does not know how/is unable to do so. Because he is Waluigi.


  • Created Justin Bieber, a living anti-christ who is slowly growing a army of young female girls to attack the other timelines.
  • Exists as antimatter.
  • Being sent so far that only Mario in the most over-powered time line could reach it.
  • Granting cruel hearted people's wishes.
  • Created the Darkest Timeline.
  • Destroyed the Prime-2 Timeline.
  • Summoning The Corruption.
  • Flew so fast that Waluigi crossed the multiverse in seconds. Being 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times faster than darkness.
  • Having no true physical form.


  • In Fighters of Lapis 3, this is discussed for God Mario's and God Waluigi's trophies.
  • God Waluigi is stronger than God Mario due to the fact the power up is actually Waluigi's.
  • It is the power itself that will destroy the multiverse.
  • God Waluigi is the strongest out of any of the gods, and this is due to the Anti Matter having absorbed enough matter from several timelines.
  • Traces of it can be found in Justin Bieber's hair.