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Developer(s) Overclockedlogo
Publisher(s) Overclockedlogo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA July 10, 2018

25px-Flag of Europe August 20, 2018

25px-Flag of Japan October 25, 2018

25px-Flag of Australia November 10, 2018

Media Included Wii U Disc
Series Grand Theft Gumball
Successor Grand Theft Gumball 2: The Twist of Time
Grand Theft Gumball is a game made by Exotoro. It was created in response to this blog. It is a spin-off of the Fighters of Lapis series, taking place in a different timeline where the Titans were activated. A sequel, starring Benson from Regular Show, is set to come out soon.


Grand Theft Gumball has a number of different levels, each with missions and a unique plot. Each world varies in size and mission types, with Elmore being most similar to a typical Grand Theft Auto city, while Zomboth is a zombie infested wonderland. When traveling by foot, the player character can walk, run, and perform three types of attacks: a normal kick, a jumping kick, and a smashing move. Each character has a special ability that is unique to them, which may or may not have to do with combat.

To drive, the player can either commandeer one of the vehicles that litter the road, a feature taken from Grand Theft Auto III, or use a phone booth to select a car. The game's driving missions are also similar to those of Grand Theft Auto III. In both games, the player races against other characters, collects items before a timer runs out, and wrecks other cars.

Playable characters can be switched at any time. During boss fights, they are all close by and present, while in the worlds themselves they are separated. Every character has a variety of things they do when they are not being controlled, similar to Grand Theft Auto V. By the second world, you have to choose up to five people that you will switch to on a moment's notice. They can be swapped out at any time through the menu.

When not attempting a storyline mission, players can free-roam, giving them the ability to do activities. Side missions such as locating and destroying criminals in the police car database or participating in street races can keep the player occupied for hours. You have the capability of destroying things and committing various crimes for fun.



Gumball and Darwin wake up 90 years into the future, where they were mysteriously cryogenically frozen. They learn that three "Titans" are attacking what is left of the worlds. Elmore, which has become some what of a safe haven, is their next target.

They learn they own a decent sized house with two cars. The game now shifts to Gumball's story.

Elmore: Gumball's Story

Gumball heads into the streets of Elmore to find out that he has nearly 100,000 dollars in interest after sleeping for 90 years. He deposits the money.

Two thugs come up to him, attempting to take the money. Using his ability to see other people as candy, he eats them. He gets an invitation to go to a cannibalistic cult.

Elmore: Darwin's Story

Darwin heads towards the more rural parts of Elmore, where he is handed a sack of money and the police find him holding it, believing he is involved. Using his ability to calm the police, he walks free with the money. He find it is nearly 100,000 dollars.

He heads to Taco Bell to spend the money but finds out that Taco Bell now uses people as food. He stops a kid named Dipper from eating the Tacos.

Elmore: Meet-Up

Gumball, Darwin, and Dipper meet up and decide that they should save the worlds from destruction from the Titans. Before they can get to the next world, Robert stops them. At this point in the game play, you can switch to Gumball, Dipper, and Darwin.

After defeating Robert, they land in the zombie infested Zomboth. They head to a bunker where they meet Juliet Starling, who chainsaws her way through the zombies.


They discover that the zombies are being made by a company named Umbrella. They must infiltrate the factory to stop it from creating zombies. They disguise themselves as toxic waste workers and get in.

There they meet Helena Harper, who is also planning to shut it down. As they head to the control room, they meet Nemesis. After fighting Nemesis, they turn off the switch, and the portal for the next world opens.


They arrive on Cybertron, where they come across Optimus Prime fighting the forces of Decipticons and Stormtroopers. They learn that the titan Zelflux is coming to destroy this world and that they must defeat him. They hijack X-Wings and head to the nearby Death Star.

After infiltrating the Death Star, they aim the laser at Zelflux, severely weakening him. They must fight off the titan. After defeating the Titan they get a Blue Key.

Shinigami Realm

Gumball and the others arrive in the Shinigami realm, where they find Light who is currently trying to find a guy named Kira. Gumball manages to bump into Kira, solving the case. However, he bumps into Strass, which sets her off on a killing mode.

After defeating Strass, the portal to the next world opens.

Land of Ooo

Finn and Jake are the only two characters you control in this section at the start. They learn that the portal has malfunctioned for their world, causing a group of people to get stuck. Finn and Jake go into a dungeon and fix the portal, allowing Gumball's group to enter the Land of Ooo.

Finn learns the Lich is back, but before he can even find out where he is the group is stuck under the gaze of King Worm. After defeating King Worm in the dream, they go to the Candy Kingdom and find where the Lich is thanks to Princess Bubblegum. To find the Lich, Finn is required to wear the Smart Glasses and open it up using a fourth dimensional cube. They find Marceline who's house has been sucked up the Lich, who has the bag of holding. They get sucked up into the bag and have to fight the Lich in the Citadel.

After defeating the Lich, the portal to the sixth world opens.

Floating Island

They land on Floating Island, a world full of connected floating chunks of land. There they come across the Titan Reptflux. Reptflux destroys most of the bridges as he flings the group far away on a far away island.

They meet Shantae on this far-away island, who helps them to Wizard Island. There they come across Wizard City, a place for wizards only, fool. Princess Bubblegum helps them get in so they can grab some magical items to defeat Reptflux. Just then, Endermen appear and Gumball and some wizards by the name of White Mage and Black Mage have to defeat them. When they have all disappeared, they run into Ice King who was getting some magical jumbo mumbo.

With some magical items but with no way to pay it off they are ordered to steal the Master Emerald. There they find Knuckles, the protector of the Master Emerald. After stealing it they are chased on a bridge and then Knuckles understands that they need it so they can beat Reptflux and joins them.

They defeat Reptflux and head to the next world through the portal in the sun.

Middle Zealand

They arrive in Middle Zealand, where they come across a black wall blocking the kingdom. Just then they run into Emment and Lego Batman who help them take down the wall. They have become noticed for defeating the Titans, and believe that Gumball and his crew have a real shot of taking down the last Titan Endflux, whose portal is guarded by Vodorod and Raygo.

Gumball and the others arrive at the "Dinner Table", a section where anti-space and the Grandtheftaverse mingle, a great spot of Irregular Energy. There they set up more members for Gumball's fellowship: Vitruvius, Benny, and Unikitty.

Gumball decides to abuse his power and rob everyone, and so he and the crew get tossed in the dungeon, where Lemongrab watches. They break out and punch Lemongrab on their way out, heading to Vodorod and defeating her and go to Honnouji Academy.

Honnouji Academy

Gumball and the gang arrive at the Honnouji Academy, where they meet Ryuko who helps them get inside. Inside the Honnouji Academy they battle Satsuki and achieve the kamui Senketsu. Just then, Raygo battles them with Satsuki joining the battle, and the battle becomes so intense it leaves the world and heads to space. With a finishing blow Raygo is defeated. As they fall, Simon catches them inside Gurren and manages to open a portal to End using Spiral Energy. Just then, the last Experiment, Uirusu blocks them and they battle her and go inside the spiral energy portal.

The End

In the End, they meet the last Titan, Endflux. They attack him straight on, and defeat him. A bunch of heavenly stairs appear, supposedly leading to Elmore. Gumball heads up the stairs with the rest of the cast, but find out it's a trap when they meet the true puppetmaster: Dark Empress Ballgum.

Ballgum grabs Gumball and takes out his eye and crushes it to gain an evil aura. She then freezes time to tell her backstory, with everyone forced to listen, including the narrator.

Ballgum states she came from an alternate universe and displayed some of the same violent tendencies that Gumball currently showcases. She was locked into a mental institution, which made her state much worse and she began to research Dark Magic. She learned how to escape her universe and thus it became her mission to destroy every other multiverse in the omegaverse and become the prime being by collecting the power of the Titan's destruction. Gumball and Darwin were the closet people able to stop her, with Gumball being this universe's counterpart. Thus she cyrogentically froze them and wiped their minds.

They battle Ballgum, who then morphs into Omegaverse Empress Ballgum. After defeating her in her ultimate form through the use of Spiral Energy, Ballgum drifts away into the Omegaverse, probably never to be seen again...


Gumball and Darwin arrive back on Earth and are celebrated as heroes for defeating the Titans, whose essence they have collected. Everyone disperses back to their own worlds, and Gumball and Darwin gets all kinds of awards. But eventually the high life becomes rather boring, and they decide to commit crimes for fun. Pulling together Dipper, Juliet, Homer, Heather, and Optimus Prime, they form a organization that commits crime just for fun and pays for all the damages.

Meanwhile in another city far away, a gumball machine shouts in frustration as he tries to kill himself a thirty-fifth time.

Playable Characters

Image Name Series Info
Cgumball Gumball SSB Gumball Gumball, one of the first two protagonists, was frozen for 90 years. He has the special ability to see things as candy and digest it.
Darwin Watterson SMSS2AB Darwin SSB Gumball Darwin, one of the first two protagonists, was frozen for 90 years. He has the special ability to calm anyone down, even the police and FBI.
DipperGFArt Dipper Gravity Falls Icon Unlocked after Darwin goes to Taco Bell. He has the special ability to identify secrets.
JulietStarlingLollipopChainsaw Juliet Lollypopchainsawlogo Unlocked after arriving on the second world, Zomboth. She has the special ability to boost her abilities after collecting enough soul stars.
HomerLapis5 Homer SSB Simpsons Unlocked after beating the mission "He Was A Zombie?". He has the special ability to turn into a giant ball after amassing enough food.
HelenaFOL5 Helena SSB ResidentEvil Unlocked after beating the mission "Containment". She has the special ability to use highly advanced acrobatics.
OptimusPrimeFOL5 Optimus Prime SSB Transfomers Unlocked after arriving on the third world, Cybertron. He has the special ability to turn into a vehicle at any time, negating the use for a car.
LukeSkywalkerTransformer Luke Skywalker (Transformer) SSB Transfomers Unlocked after the mission "Death Star Infilitration". He has the special ability to turn into a X-Wing at any time, negating the use for a flying vehicle.
Zelflux Minature Zelflux LapisIcon Once the third world is complete, a minature Zelfux character token will be placed inside the Death Star's engine. He has the special ability to turn into a giant lobster.
LightYagami Light Yagami Death Note Unlocked after completing "Gumball Sees the Light". He has the special ability to deduce evidence.
32097733 L. Lawliet Death Note Unlocked after completing "Gumball vs L Lawliet". He has the special ability to murder anyone he knows the name of.
Strass Strass SSB GrandTheftGumball After beating the fourth world, the sleeping gas factory that Strass was located in will have a hidden character token. Her special ability is to speed into enemies, killing them instantly.
FinnHoldHips Finn Snaillogo Unlocked after entering the fifth world. He has the special ability to scream really loud, knocking out any near him.
JakeNewLapis Jake Snaillogo Unlocked after entering the fifth world. He has the special ability to turn into various objects, negating the use for vehicles or even melee weapons.
BubblegumWhatWasMissing Princess Bubblegum Snaillogo Unlocked after completing "King Worm". She has the special ability to disable magic.
MarcelineFOL5 Marceline Snaillogo Unlocked after completing "Go With Me". She has the special ability to suck the red out of objects/suck blood.
Shantae Stance Shantae SBB Shantae Unlocked upon entering the sixth world. She has the special ability to turn into a monkey and climb walls.
WhiteMageFOL5 White Mage FinalFantasySymbol Unlocked after completing "Wizards Only, Fool (Part One)". She can cast white magic, which is mostly healing based.
Black Mage Black Mage FinalFantasySymbol Unlocked after completing "Wizards Only, Fool (Part Two)". He can cast black magic, which is mostly curse based.
Iceking Ice King Snaillogo Unlocked after completing "Wizards Only, Fool (Part Three)". He can cast Ice Magic, which can freeze enemies.
Sonic z knux Knuckles Sonicseries Unlocked after completing "Brass Knuckles". He has the special ability to glide.
Emmet Emmet SSB Lego Unlocked after completing "I Only Work In Black". He is a Master Builder, building mostly construction equipment. He can also use the power of the special to phase in and out of anti-space.
LegoBatman LEGO Batman Batmansymbol Unlocked after completing "I Only Work In Black". He uses bat gadgets to fight and refuses to use guns. He is also a master builder, but only works in black.
Wyldstyle Wyldstyle SSB Lego Unlocked after completing "Knights of the Dinner Table". She uses hand-to-hand combat and using her master builder powers to create vehicles.
Unikitty Unikitty SSB Lego Unlocked after completing "Knights of the Dinner Table". She uses Unikitty building skills and telekensis to attack. She mostly creates "cute" things.
Vitruvius Vitruvius SSB Lego Unlocked after completing "Knights of the Dinner Table". He uses his staff to attack as well as being able to walk up walls.
Ryuko2 Ryuko SSB KillLaKill Unlocked after completing "Welcome to the Academy". She initially can only use the scissor blade, but after "Don't Lose Your Way" she can access a second form that makes her very powerful.
Mako Mako SSB KillLaKill Unlocked after completing "Don't Loose Your Way". She has the special ability to completely stop time and attack enemies in a overly cartoontish way.
Ladysatsuki Satsuki SSB KillLaKill Unlocked after completing "To the Skies". She has similar abilities to Ryuko, and she has the special ability to summon followers of the academy.
SimonFOL6 Simon SSB GurrenLagann Unlocked after completing "Spiral Skies". He pilots a mecha. He has the special ability to do the impossible.


Image Name Info
Ferrari 458 italia coupe 2012 Ferrari One of the starting cars in the garage. It can go very fast but it has no real strengths to it.
Mazda-biante-minivan-02 Mazda Minivan One of the starting cars in the garage. It's durable, but not as fast as the Ferrari. It has tons of room though...
ConceptCar1 Mantiz A concept car. It's quite durable and fast, and can be equipped with slicers and machine guns.
Taruntula Tarantula A concept car. It can ride up walls and go underwater. Due to it's tarantula-like skin, it's also unbelievably durable.
SlightlyModifiedHyundai Slightly Modified Hyundai A car modified to fight zombies. It is extremely durable as well very much armed.
BunkerCar Bunker Car A car modified for Zomboth conditions. It features plenty of supplies and it is one of the more durable cars in the game.
Hulk Car by tech3000 Hulk Car A car that can carry nuclear waste. Due to this, it's very durable and it has the ability to punch.
X-Wing X-Wing One of the few flying vehicles. It has proton torpedoes, which are pretty devastating weapons. It can go into space but it is not too durable.
Landspeeder Landspeeder This floats off the ground. It is basically all terrain, and while it's not the most fastest thing out there, it go through a lot.
Airspeeder Kishh’tih Airspeeder This floats off the ground. It's pretty fast and durable.
HotDaniel Hot Daniel A fast car that isn't that durable, but it'll get you where you need to go.
Finn's Robo Suit Robo Suit Okay, it's more like armor, but it allows you take off and fly.


Character Costumes
Cgumball GumballAlt1GumballAlt2GumballAlt3GumballAlt4GumballAlt5BadassGumball
Darwin Watterson SMSS2AB DarwinAlt1DarwinAlt2DarwinAlt3DarwinAlt4DarwinAlt5
DipperGFArt DipperAlt1DipperAlt2DipperAlt3DipperAlt4PossessedDipper
JulietStarlingLollipopChainsaw JulietAlt1JulietAlt2JulietAlt3JulietAlt4JulietAlt5
HomerLapis5 HomerAlt1EVILHomerAlt2Homeralt3HomerAlt4HomerAlt5
HelenaFOL5 HelenaAlt1HelenaAlt2HelenaAlt3HelenaAlt4HelenaAlt5
OptimusPrimeFightersofLapis PrimeAlt1PrimeAlt2PrimeAlt3Galaxy PrimeNemesis Prime
FinnHoldingHips 150px-1ATFinnStandDark Finn the HumanFinnZombieIcePrinceFinn MCLumpy FinnFinn in PJ'sCg Finn
JakeNewLapis GutGrinderGutGrinderJakeFarm World JakeDemon JakeLumpy JakeJake SafetyZombie Jake
BubblegumWhatWasMissing BubblegumPrincessBubblegumAlt1PrincessBubblegumAlt2PrincessBubblegumAlt3PrincessBubblegumAlt4
MarcelineFOL5 80px-Marceline2Tumblr lz9e9awmCF1r4jzyqo1 400MarcelineAlt1MarcelineAlt2MarcelineAlt3


World Missions
Elmore WorldOne
  • Hunger for Justice
  • Can I Bail
  • Calming Triggers
  • Dipper goes to Taco Bell

  • Elmore Race I
  • Elmore Race II
  • Elmore Race III
  • Rob the Bank
  • Rob the Museum
  • Rob Will Smith
Zomboth WorldTwo
  • He was a Zombie?
  • Rocking with the Dead
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Containment

  • Zombie Killing 101
  • Zombie Killing 102
  • Zombie Killing 103
  • Race of the Dead
  • Race of the Dead II
  • Race of the Dead III
Cybertron WorldThree
  • Cybertron Race
  • Death Star Infilitration
  • Defeat Zelflux

  • Steal the All-Spark
  • Blow up the Bridge
  • Stormtrooper Marksmanship I
  • Stormtrooper Marksmanship II
  • Stormtrooper Marksmanship III
Shinigami Realm WorldFour
  • Gumball Sees the light
  • L hacks Darwin
  • Gumball vs L Lawliet

  • Death Note Assassination I
  • Death Note Assassination II
  • Death Note Assassination III
  • Trailblazing I
  • Trailblazing II
  • Trailblazing III
Land of Ooo WorldFive
  • Adventure Time
  • King Worm
  • The Real You
  • Go With Me

  • Forces of the Lich I
  • Forces of the Lich II
  • Forces of the Lich III
  • Hot Daniel Speed-Out I
  • Hot Daniel Speed-Out II
  • Hot Daniel Speed-Out III
Floating Island WorldSix
  • Wizards Only, Fool (Part I)
  • Wizards Only, Fool (Part 2)
  • Wizards Only, Fool (Part 3)
  • Master Emerald Heist
  • Bridge Race
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Defeat Reptflux

  • Sky High I
  • Sky High II
  • Sky High III
  • Wrecking Robots I
  • Wrecking Robots II
  • Wrecking Robots III
Middle Zealand WorldSeven
  • I Only Work In Black
  • Knights of the Dinner Table
  • Robbin' Hood
  • Dungeon Breakout
  • Defeat Vodorod
Honnouji Academy WorldEight
  • Welcome to the Academy
  • Don't Lose Your Way
  • To the Skies
  • Spiral Skies
  • Enter the Finale
The End WorldNine
  • Defeat Endflux
  • Savior of the Worlds
  • The Dark Empress
  • Space Invaders
  • Neon Dragon
  • Blood Cry
  • A Glimpse Into The Future


There is a boss in each world. They must be defeated to open the gate way to the next world. When you get to worlds 8 and 9, they have three bosses instead.

Image Name Info
RobertGTG Robert A robot, he is the boss of the first world. He has tracking abilities, arms that can be stretched to grab objects, and hologram projections.
NemesisUMVC3 Nemesis A zombie, he is the boss of the second world. Nemesis is armed with a rocket launcher mounted on its left arm. It fires that. After loosing his coat, he uses tentacles to attack.
Zelflux Zelflux The first titan you encounter. While the Death Star's ray severely weakened him, you need to finish him off. Touching him will kill you, and he can turn into a giant lobster and shoot a giant blue beam from his eye.
Strass Strass A being that sleeps until it is awakened, in which it will murder everything in sight until it sleeps again. It is the boss of the fourth world. She will charge with blades swinging everywhere. She cannot be attacked, so you must drop crates of sleeping gas onto her.
TheLichKing The Lich The all powerful Lich, the boss of the fifth world. He summons green flame-like energy around his hands and fire it at his opponents, as well as mind controlling members of your group. He can only be defeated through the use of white goop found around the Citadel.
TITAN Reptflux The second Titan you will encounter. He is severely weakened by Super Knuckles, but you are going to need a little more fire power to kill him. Touching him will kill you, and he can turn into a giant spider and shoot a green beam.
Vodorod Vodorod A being that seems to be related to Strass. She is a very noble fighter, using metal weapons such as a buzz-saw and a sword. Her weapons appear to be melting, creating molten hydrogen bubbles and puddles wherever she goes, and she can suck in these bubbles and puddles at any time. She can be attacked, but you must engage her in sword fight.
Ladysatsuki Satsuki She fights very similar to Ryuko, except her attacks are slightly stronger. Don't let her get the best of you, though.
Raygo Ragyo The mother of both Ryuko and Satsuki. She uses brainwashing to get your team to attack you, the ability to fly, and superhuman strength to attack.
Virus Uirusu A being that seems to be related to Strass and Vodorod. She attacks using virus and toxins, so be careful not to get infected. Her effects are long-lasting, but she is pretty weak, so you can just straight up attack her.
Endflux Endflux The final Titan! You're so powerful at this point, nothing really has to weaken him. Touching him will kill you and he can turn into a crow and shoot triple lasers.
Dark Empress Ballgum Dark Empress Ballgum The real puppetmaster, the one pulling all the cosmic strings. She uses dark magic, dark versions of every weapon and car in the game and can use any special ability your friends have. Man, you are so fucked.
Omegaverse Empress Ballgum Omegaverse Empress Ballgum Her powers excel her normal form, and that's already pretty tough. She can now swing galaxies, use 400x lasers, and a sword made of the tears of the gods in addition to Xenomonolith-enduced speeds. Do the impossible and beat her.

Box Arts