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Greg Heffley

Greg heffley

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Greg Heffley is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


When Greg Heffley grows up, he wants to be rich and famous. This, however, is unrealistic, considering how unpopular he is in school. He has lots of plans, yet many of them backfire in comedic ways. Many other unfortunate things happen to him that the readers of his books can get a laugh out of.


All of Greg's stats are low, but his absolute best is his speed. He can rush down many of the other characters, and use weak hits to combo them. His moves are generally fast, supporting his combo game and helping him fight slower characters, yet his lack of defense and only sufficient speed mean that it's not hard to get the jump out of him. Cheese Touch is a good way to rack up damage, and it can be comboed into. Greg can also avoid getting it passed back to him.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Write Greg uses a pencil to write, hitting with the graphite three times.
Side Purple Soccer Ball Kick Greg runs and kicks a soccer ball down low.
Up Purple Morons Greg points up with a hand on either side. Slow arrows come out of his hands, curving into the air and pointing at Greg's sides. The arrows cause damage.
Down Purple Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Greg jabs forward with an oatmeal raisin cookie, hitting several times.
Neutral Green Alfrendo Greg whacks forward using a doll.
Side Green Ladybug Greg shoots a wave out from a small cell phone.
Up Green Elevator Pass Greg holds out an elevator pass. If it touches someone, they grab it and attempt to use an elevator to no avail. This leaves them wide open.
Down Green Drummies Greg smashes downwards with a box of small chicken wings.
Neutral Red Twisted Wizard A wizard appears above Greg, and fires one of three attacks down diagonally. They are a fire beam, a freezing ice beam, and a lightning beam, in that order.
Side Red Arcade Box Collapse Greg puts an arcade game made from cardboard in front of himself to grab. The game then collapses on whoever is inside.
Up Red Mom Bucks Greg holds some Mom Bucks in his hand behind him, as he charges up. The longer he charges, the more Mom Bucks appear in his hand. The Mom Bucks appear rapidly. Greg slams down his hand when the charge is released.
Down Red Look for Him Greg's attacks get more range, and the projectiles become homing.
Special Technique Cheese Touch Greg touches forward, infecting an opponent with the Cheese Touch. Whoever has the Cheese Touch will continuously take damage. This can't be used if someone is already infected. It can be passed by making contact with any other character.
Grab Laundry Hoop Greg grabs using a hoop made for laundry, and throws straight down.
Counter Magic 8 Ball Greg's Magic 8 Ball predicts the attack. Greg then smacks forward with it.
Azure Burst Bus Greg jumps high into the air, as a bus drives under him and charges down foes in its path.
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