Lapis Combat: Checkmate is an umbrella fighting game and the first in the Lapis Combat series, an unnoficial spin-off of the Fighters of Lapis series taking place in an alternate version of the Lapisverse created by Morgan Freeman as a backup, and includes many characters from the Fighters of Lapis series as well as many newcomers.


Story Mode

Starter Characters

Image Name Description Franchise
Mario A main hero of the Lapisverse, Mario is a completely normal plumber. Except for the fact that he can throw fireballs. And use clones. And fight in a cat suit. But other then that, he is completely normal. 
SSB Mario Series
Luigi the Plumber
Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother, and can never outshine him no matter how hard he tries. He uses his Poltergeist vacuum and can also jump high or use Luiginary Works, such as becoming a portal or kicking a giant ball made out of clones of himself. 
SSB Mario Series
Finn the Human Finn is the last human alive in his homeworld, which ironicly is a very common cliche. Finn uses his various swords to fight. 
Jake the Dog Finn's best pal who just so happens to be a dog with limb-stretching powers. That's completely normal, right? Anyway, Jake uses his shapeshifting powers to fight. 
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Mai Shiranui Another character who has been in the Lapisverse since the beginning, Mai uses pyrokinetic abilities as well as fans to fight. 
Bonne Jenet The rich pirate returns for another brawl! She uses her traditional fighting style of slaps and high heels, but she has a few new tricks up her sleeve, such as stealing an item that the opponent is using, due to her nature as a theif. 
Sub Zero A member of the Lin Kuei clan and arch-rival of Scorpion, Sub Zero uses ice to...pretty much do anything, actually, from using ice clones to trap opponents to even teleporting through ice.
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Lelouch Vi Britannia LC
Lelouch vi Britannia
Lapis New Challenger
Lelouch is the leader of a rebellion trying to free the world during a war, and he possesses the power of Geass. With this power, Lelouch can control one opposing player for a short amount of time, (this ability can't be used in 1v1 matches,) and he also uses a pistol and a mech.
Code Geass

Secret Characters