Locky's Unnamed New Umbrella About Something (also known as LUNUAS) is a exclusive game for the Lapis Wiki. It is a fightning game with a card-battle system based on Kingdom Hearts: Chain by Memories. It takes place after Extreme Fighters but it is not a part of the series, it creates it's own timeline with it's own characters.

The possible titles so far are Lunar Summons or Legends of the Moon. Locky has said that the game is going to feature only female characters, in somewhat the same vain as Locky's now deleted umbrella Pinkie Heroines. Curiously, both games are spin-offs from the Extreme Fighters series.



The game is a typical fightning game. Differences include being in a 3D field with each stage having a lot of options to hide and do attacks, creating many ways to make strategies during a battle. Each character has three game styles: K-Groove, S-Groove and M-Groove. K-Groove allows for a more fasted paced battle-style at the cost of having less stamina, S-Groove allows super moves be charged faster while normal moves gives less damage and M-Groove allows for defensive skills to be upgraded at the cost of losing speed.

The game also features card-system battle featuring five types of cards, Attack-cards are, well, for attacks, Special-cards, are special moves that requires the special bar in order to be activated, Skill-cards are cards that increase a certain skill for a short time, Trickster-cards are cards that cause the opponent to lose a certain skill or lost a certain kind of Attack-card or Special-card and there is also Summon-cards that are self-explanatory. Each card can be upgraded 3 times.


Characters available from start

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