First Appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Mii Islander is a new character introduced in the Mysterious Seven Project. They come from the Tomodachi Life series, and such use Miis on the system as a template. They have a set moveset that is rather strange and usual.


Their source game takes place on an island inhabited by various Miis, which the player can import from their 3DS, other devices, or QR codes, or create from scratch using the 3DS' camera or the in-game creation tools. These Miis can be given their own voice, which is spoken in vocal synthesizer software, and a unique personality based on slider inputs given. Miis can then perform various actions, such as eating, trying on different outfits, falling in love with someone, and doing many leisurely activities. As more Miis are introduced, many strange and curious interactions can occur between Miis, such as friendship, rivalry, bizarre musical numbers, etc.


  • Neutral Special: Treasure This Always - Mii Islander will throw a random treasure. Depending on it's worth, it will either cause anywhere in the neighborhood of 1% to 150%.
  • Side Special: Yume - Transports whoever punches their Yume bubble into a dream. This can either backfire or trap the opponent into a nightmarish dimension.
  • Up Special: Apartment Move - Entraps the islander into a window in which they can travel in four directions.
  • Down Special: Wardrobe change - Acts as a shield, allowing the Mii Islander to change their outfit. If the curtain is destroyed, a censor will destroy the Mii Islander.
  • Super Move: Dance Number - Several Miis begin to invade the stadium as the Mii Islander begins to sing a song, the shockwaves hurting opponents. At the end of the song, a loud shockwave will be released.