First appearance: Mysterious Seven Project
In some nutty way, I guess I win!
Newspaper Spiderman after a stock match.

From dimension L-5UCK, Newspaper Spiderman arrives. There’s a little bit of background you need to know, and that is that Newspaper Spider-Man is quite possibly the worst version of the character. Newspaper Spidey is never quite that offensively terrible, but he also has a pretty dismal track record from when it comes to actual superheroism. He’s generally pretty cowardly, gets conked on the head a lot, and doesn’t actually seem all that concerned about this whole using-great-power-with-great-responsibility thing, instead preferring to just sort of lay around waiting for things to sort themselves out.

He is also dismally slow, due to the fact he moves on a day-by-day basis in the Newspaper Comic world.


  • Neutral Special: Spider-Sense - This move rarely works, but it predicts opponent's moves before they happen. This allows Newspaper Spiderman a bit of an edge.
  • Side Special: Web Lunge - Spiderman shoots a web that traps an opponent. While the opponent can get out pretty easily, it does allow Newspaper Spiderman a couple of free hits.
  • Up Special: Web Climb - Allows Newspaper Spiderman to grab onto a ledge or hit from above.
  • Down Special: Pretzel Gun - Takes out a crumpled up gun that fires in random directions.
  • Super Move: Iron Jonah - J. Jonah wearing an Iron Man suit flies into the stage and tackles opponents.