Shards of Destiny is a spinoff to the Megald Warriors series made exclusively on Lapis Wiki by Dark (Talk), Pabro (Talk) and Wario (Talk)


Not much is known about the gameplay other then that it will combine the character figurines and different worlds gameplay from Disney Infinity, and also will include the open world survival aspect of Minecraft.

Story Mode

Playable Characters

Characters come in series, with there being 25 characters per series plus a 4 character starter pack in the first series.

Series 1

Image Character Description Franchise
Mario sw Mario Mario is a part of the starter pack. He utulizes fireballs and other power-ups, and is the most balanced player in the game.  Super Mario Bros
Maka Albarn Maka Albarn Maka is a part of the starter pack. She mostly uses her weapon partner, Soul Eater, to attack, and is very speedy.  Soul Eater
Alpha Alpha Alpha is a part of the starter pack. He has a variety of different moves, such as a lightning bolt and creating a shield and using it as a discuss.  TOME
Elsa Infinity Elsa Elsa is part of the starter pack. She is a graceful fighter using her ice powers in many ways, such as freezing opponents or building a snowman to help. Frozen
Rocket Raccoon SoD Rocket Raccoon A smart talking raccoon, Rocket's answer to every problem is GUNS MUTHA FUKKA! He must be bought at a store.  Marvel Comics

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4