First appearance: Fighters of Lapis

Latest appearance: Grand Theft Gumball

The Titans is a group of characters introduced in Fighters of Lapis. They were created as original fighters and they are easily the largest characters in any given game they are in, rivaled in height only by Godzilla, Emmet’s Mecha, Mini Galactus, Mini Symbiote Galactus, and Brickbeard. The first three are known as Reptflux, Zelfux, and Endflux.

Each of the three titans has an alternate forme. Reptflux can turn into a spider, Zelflux can turn into a lobster, and Endflux can turn into a crow. Each is a different element of transportation (land, sea, and air) and are much more speedier than their base forms but are nowhere near as powerful.

They are also made of an element or metal, which they can turn into. This doesn’t really do anything aside from becoming a shield.

They are described as incredibly powerful, however they are never the real thing up until Grand Theft Gumball, where their real forms are seen for the first time. It is implied they were activated recently and not properly, making them somewhat weaker. Gumball and the others are able to defeat them after weakening them further, and fake clones of the Titans can be found in the worlds they were defeated in, along with the Experiments.

In Mysterious Five Project, six new Titans (Azteflux, Exoflux, Lockeflux, Elisflux, Pabflux, and Gumflux) are introduced. They differ from the original three in that they do not have alternate formes and they are all made from Irregular Energy. Additionally, they are smaller and do not have bodies made from the same energy that the real titans have, being made from Irregular. It is unknown if they can even be called Titans, seeing as they were all made from artifical means and they lack many of the features the other titans have. As such, they are classified as Irregular Titans.