Ultima Fighters is the newest game made by Team Blue Star, an umbrella fighting game made by the company's founder, SuperSonicDarkness. 


The gameplay for Ultima Fighters is very similar to Super Smash Bros Brawl, with some added mechanics. For one thing, you can interact with the environment, ala Injustice, replacing Stage Hazards from Super Smash Bros. Items are featured in this game, but can be turned off. Up to 6 players can play the game. It also has many other gamemodes returning from Super Smash Bros, such as Story Mode, Classic, and Events. 

Story Mode

The story begins as Mario, Sonic, Finn, and Emmet are having a home run contest, using Sandbag. However, after the competition, Sandbag's eyes glow red, and he attacks the team using telekenesis. After the battle against Sandbag, Emmet builds a rocket ship and the team heads off to the Comet Observatory to ask Rosalina for help.  

Meanwhile, Knuckles is watching the Master Emerald, when suddenly he is attacked by Marceline. The two get in a fight, but after the battle they realize that somebody stole the Master Emerald during their battle! They see Bowser in the Koopa Klown Kar with the Master Emerald, and the two give chase. The team is about to catch up to him when Bowser reveals that the whole island has been rigged with bombs! Knuckles grabs Marceline and glides away from the island just as the bombs are about to go off. 

Starting Characters

There will be 20 Default Characters.


Character Description
Fire Mario not Fire
SSB Mario Series
Mario is featured in this game in his Fire Mario attire. Because of this, he usually uses fire attacks, such as throwing fireballs or using a flaming hammer. He also uses a cape to deflect projectiles and fly.
Luigi ws
SSB Mario Series
Mario's brother, Luigi is always in Mario's shadow, but in this game he might have a chance of getting a bit of the spotlight. Luigi uses a Poltergeist and thunder abilities to fight. 



SSB Mario Series
An ally of Mario who has the powers of the cosmos. She can use the Star Spin attack, as well as her cosmo magic to attack. 


Sonic the Hedgehog

Mario and Sonic used to hate each others guts, but now they play in the olympics together because spin-off games. Sonic uses wisps to fight, as well as his traditional Spin Dash and Homing Attack. 
Sonic z knuxKnuckles the Echidna
Like with Mario, he and Sonic used to be bitter rivals, but that was mostly because Eggman tricked him. Despite being gullible as hell, Knuckles is a strong fighter who has one main method of attacking: PUNCHING STUFF. He also can glide and dig, as well as roll into a ball like how Sonic can. 



SSB Lego
Emmet is an ordinary LEGO minifigure except for the fact that he isn't. Quite the contrary, as he is The Special, destined to save the world of LEGO from the evil Lord Buisness. He can use construction tools to fight, and can also build weapons and other things using LEGO Bricks. 


Finn the Human

Finn the Human is, well, a human, hailing from the Land of Ooo. He fights mostly with his swords, and like Mario, he is quite a balanced character. 



Finn's vampire friend, Marceline uses her axe bass and can suck blood from the opponents during the battle.
Erza Anime S2
Erza Scarlet
SSB FairyTail
A fierce wizard of the Fairy Tail guild, Erza can use different weapons and armor in battle, but her primary weapon is a sword. 
Splatoon IkaIka
SSB Splatoon
A squid girl who just so happens to have a paintball gun, she shoots paint to attack and also can swim in the paint as a squid.
Maka AlbarnMaka Albarn
SSB Soul Eater Series
A student at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, she uses her weapon partner, Soul, who transforms into a scythe. 
Render kitana2opia
Mortal kombat logo2
Being the adoptive daughter of Shao Kahn, Kitana was trained as a warrior, and her fighting style is proof of this. Kitana uses her fan blades to fight, both as a melee weapon and projectile, and is also skilled in hand to hand combat. 
Ryuko Matoi
SSB KillLaKill
A foreign exchange student out for revenge, Ryuko uses her somehow-sentient magical armor and her Scissor Blade to fight.
Immortal Requiem Kamina
SSB Gurren Lagann Series
Ah, it seems you are reading the description of I, the Mighty Kamina! My powers in battle reek of baddassness and masculinity! These abilities include the use of my sword, mech, and drills. Also, if I happen to be on a team match, I can give motivational speeches to my teammates to increase their strength in battle! Now, onwards Team Gurren, TO VICTORY!!!!!
Armin Arlert MW2
Armin Arlert
SSB AttackOnTitan

A soldier in the Recon Corps, Armin uses his 3D Manuveur Gear, as well as his Titan-killing blades to attack. He is fast but weak, making him a more strategic character. 

SSB Kid Icarus Series
The famed goddess of light appears to battle, using her staff and light powers to attack.

Hidden Characters


Character Description How to Unlock

Mina UB

Mina Mongoose

An ally of Sonic in the comics, she is a quick fighter who is pretty good with melee attacks, and can also sing. 
Win 60 Matches as Sonic
SSB Soul Eater Series
An egotistical assassin enrolling in the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Black☆Star uses his weapon partner, Tsubaki, for many weapons to be used in combat, such as a sword, ninja star, or smoke bomb. However, her primary form is a sort of dual hook weapon.
Beat Classic with 5 different  characters. 



Terrain of Magical Expertise

Alpha is a player of TOME who uses many different powers, such as electricity or creating a shield that doubles as a projectile. He also can use the Forbidden Power. 

Win 100 Brawls.


Unlike traditional fighting games, the Stages in this game are all default. 


Stage Description
Minecraft Overworld
Minecraft symbol
The simple Overworld in Minecraft, you can break blocks and finds ways to use them in battle. You also can kill cows or pigs and eat their meat to replenish a small bit of your health.