So the Zaxinian Lifts is going to have an all-new character: Genesis.  They will be a focal character and become a major part of the cast!  But here's the issue: I cannot draw whatsoever, and I'm not going to simply sign up Helena to the task.  So what do I do instead...?  Make a contest with literally no prize because I'm so awesome that way. *sarcasm* The participation you do will be important!  I will very likely mix and mash elements of all the designs of Genesis.  Reminder that you are designing a default skin of Genesis, and that you are to submit both male and female varients that have similar features to one another, sort of like Robin/Corrin.  Check the page if you want to find a lead (i.e. by default they are a medieval swordsfighter) I got inspired by Drebbles' "Drawing Contest" thing on Fantendo by the way, where he got some people to make designs for three versions of Clair Voyant.

You can submit your art in any format: traditional art, digital art, etc. I love variety in artstyle, so I'd love to see attempts from various people.  Remember that you don't necessarily have to go overly complex with design, if part of your design choice is to design simple characters, then you can do that too!