So people know me very well for being into this band called "Metallica".  You probably heard of them via songs like "Enter Sandman" and "Master of Puppets".  I noticed throughout my time of exploring with the band that, to enjoy metal, you need to kind of acquire its taste -- what I'm saying is that metal isn't really for everyone.  I'm sort of judging off of the fact that no one on Fantendo that I'm aware of listens to any form of metal apart from alternative metal.  But I'm not here to rant or talk about that kind of thing, no.  I'm saying most of this stuff because I am taking people's tastes in hand and trying to figure out what Metallica stuff they'd probably like.

I assume that people like the shorter, slower songs that are more commonplace than thrashy, long songs.  That makes sense, most people I know can't stand music that's over five minutes long without explanation (although metallica has its reasons).  While there are very few Metallica songs that go under such a limit, it does have its slower pieces, especially in the '90s.  Some of these songs are pretty heavy, but there's a few songs that are more blues oriented or keep the heavy metal to a sort of limit.  What I'm saying is that I assume that most people I know on Fantendo who want to try to get into Metallica would most likely appreciate the Load and Reload albums.

These two albums, Load and Reload, are less of metal and closer to hard rock, rooted far away from classics like Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets.  There are at least 27 songs from these albums combined (they were in fact going to be a double album), and there's both long and shorter stuff here.  The themes on these albums are away from the political and control themes from the band's earlier thrash works; instead they're more about emotion and they're uprooted from the mind of the band's lead vocalist James Hetfield.  There are both long and short tracks here, so I will tell how long each linked song is. Remember that the songs aren't devoid of metal, there's still the occasional heaviness. Anyway, I recommend:



So while there are some heavy parts, these songs are pretty tame and rather well constructed and filled with some sort of emotion (besides King Nothing and The Memory Remains which are different-ish), and I feel that I could safely recommend these songs to people that like hard rock or music in general.

But what if you don't just want to hear the slower stuff and want to hear the more thrashy stuff I'm accustomed to? I'd be happy to help with that. These songs are heavier or faster in general:

Of course, if you just want that generic love song:

If this blog doesn't really convince any of y'all or you don't like the songs, that's fine lol. The most I got to learn from this blog is that Metallica really really likes the song length "6:26" or songs that end in "6" or 7" in general.

EDIT: You hear me complain about St. Anger and you don't know what it's like?  Frantic (4:57 video edit)