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Chimeropolis is my new thing!

Somewhere in the multiverse exists a small world known as Chimerealm. Within it, there exists only one structure, sitting atop the ancient chimera - and that structure is Chimeropolis, a strange city full of crime, surrealist concepts, and all sorts of beings. Whether you'll save the city, embrace its dark side, or absolutely destroy it is up to you. Fly atop dragons, start a successful cafe, get in fights, or do whatever, because Chimeropolis is your playground, and you have enough characters to drown a man that you can use to do things.

i'll be working on it here primarily and release a version with less characters on Fantendo eventually, since as Exo stated, exclusive content can keep the wiki alive. it'll be up within the next week or two, with plenty of content to start with.

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