The trailer opens on a cloaked brunette woman sitting in a bar filled with blobs, teddy bears, scarecrows, and other bizarre creatures. "Hella Good" by No Doubt starts playing as a woman in a dark red business suit approaches her.

Female Voice: Excuse me, dear, I'm looking for one...Daphne Eclipse.

The woman in the cloak takes a swig of beer before turning around to look at the businesswoman, her eyes closed and a proud smile on her face.

Cloaked Woman: You've found her, luv.

She opens her eyes to see a smirking Valerie Heartgold, which visibly shocks her. After setting her glass on the counter, she stands up.

Valerie: Well, Ms. Eclipse...this is my lucky day.

The trailer cuts to a Valco owned skyscraper in Zonar, the two of them standing in its top floor. Valerie takes a sip of her glass of wine before showing Daphne a picture.

Valerie: This is Maris Mantis, owner of the Nightlife Casino in Smogus. The two of us used to be...quite close. But it's come to my attention that she possesses something I need. I'm assembling a team to pull off the heist of the century...and you're going to be its leader.

Daphne grins and puts her hands on her hips as she looks out the window at the bustling planet.

Daphne: When do I get started?

We see Daphne, an anthropomorphic monkey in a pilot's outfit, a tall female Z. Kittuman with purple hair, a sorceress with gray hair, and a stern looking blue blob with a red eye walking down the street in slow motion.

Valerie: Immediately.

A montage shows Daphne is a stunning dress socializing inside the casino, the monkey flying the five of them through an asteroid belt, and the Kittuman talking to Ike.

Kittuman: We aren't super, and we aren't heroes. Daphne's a thief, Mick's a criminal, Lapo peddles weapons, and I can make people's heads fucking explode.

A security guard armed with a laser rifle runs towards them, but stops in his tracks when the Kittuman uses a psionic explosion to blow his head off. Ike sighs and shakes his head.

Ike: Why did Valerie trust you all with this?

The five of them, alongside a robotic army, charges towards Maris' soldiers as she watches them from afar. Lapo the blob fires an explosive shotgun, the sorceress creates a storm of magic, and Mick the monkey bombs them from the air inside his spacecraft.

Kittuman: Beats me.

The trailer ends with Valerie and Maris standing across from each other, the latter with a smug grin on her face. It then cuts to black to reveal the project's title.