Vermilion Gladiators (previously known as Exo and Snicks Project) is an umbrella under the works by Exotoro (Talk) and .snickedge (Talk). We do not know many of the things that will be presented, but prepare yourself regardless. It plays very much like the Super Smash Bros. titles, although with a few differences as always to set itself somewhat apart.


This game plays much like a Super Smash Bros. title, just to keep things simple. Your objective is to knock people off the screen and either be the last one surviving (Survival) or have the most pointed in a set time limit (Timed). Of course, there are some differences. ...We just need to sort them out as a team first.

Battle Mechanics

Energy Attack

Energy Attacks transform the character into a energy-based attack that does 3x damage. While similar to super move, the difference is that they are fluid and can be launched during a attack or by itself by pressing the B button. Each character has their own unique Energy Attack, although they don't differ that much in function. They are meant to be powerful moves that add momentum to existing attacks.


In battles, there is a Emperor watching. There are a variety of Emperors and you cannot choose them when you initially start the game, but you can unlock being able to choose them as well as unlock new Emperors. You want to please the Emperor the best you can and not make the matches boring, otherwise the Emperor will unleash the Guardian of the stage to attack the contestants. When a match is over, the crowd decides on whether the loser of the battle is to be executed. Depending on how well the winner did and how well the match went, the choice could vary.


Losers of battles may die, locking the character out for about five battles (or if the game is restarted) similar to the Shattered mechanic in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered.


  • Survival: Knock the stocks out of your opponents.  Last one standing wins.
  • Timed: Gain as many points as possible by knocking away opponents in a set period of time.  Player with most points wins.
  • Hunger: Inspired by the Hunger Games, you go through a three dimensional version of a stage and attempt to collect food to survival or pick up items.  Opponents who lose all their health will no longer be able to participate in the match.  Last one surviving wins.
  • Emperor Dating Sim: Choose a character and attempt to woo one of the Emperors. Succeeding will win favor with that Emperor, who will spare that character even in situations where they would normally be executed.
  • In The Buff: All combatants fight naked, lowering defenses for higher damaging attacks and faster Energy Meter fills. Characters under the age of 18 cannot be selected.

Laws of Nature: The Vast Empire

Time brings all things to pass.
There are no second chances.
There's only this moment and the next,
Where everything you want will collide with everything standing in your way.
Purpose and meaning are not to be found in the laws of nature.
It is our job to create them,
As we journey into the vast emptiness of the universe
And seek fellowship among the stars.
We are the architects of the future.
This is our empire.


Laws of Nature: The Vast Empire is the story mode for Vermilion Gladiators. When one hundred characters are rounded up for the sport of Gladiators, it's up to a rebellion to set things right.


  • Total count so far: 46
    • Exo's Count: 24
    • Snicks' Count: 22
Image Info


Using moves from the ring and a steel pipe, this mayor takes the crime problem into his own hands, quite... literally. He's a former wrestler turned mayor and a major threat to any organization that tries to mess with his family.

Transforms into a giant green energy fist that punches in the direction he is facing.



Fire Emblem series logo
The radiant hero of legend, Ike is a powerhouse who attacks with his sword "Ragnell" and fiery attacks. His strength is so overwhelming that he can hold a two handed blade with a single hand. Despite his brute strength, Ike is actually quite kind and protective of his friends.




One of the mascots of several disgusting brands of cereal aimed for children in the world, Captain Crunch is quite the odd fighter. He attacks with his cereal flavors, his pirate ship, and his crew of children who were hypnotized to love his cereal.




R.O.B, also known as Robotic Operating Buddy, it was created in 1985 with only two games it could work with, Gyromite being one of them. Since then, he's mostly made cameos in other Nintendo games until Super Smash Bros. Brawl where he was arguably one of the bigger characters in the story mode. He uses gyros, robotic tentacles, lasers, and rocket exhaust to attack.

Turns into a grey colored energy gyro that spins forward in the direction he's facing.



Metroid Series logo
Samus wears this form-fitting suit under her armor. She is unusually fast and flexible in this form, although she can't sustain nearly as much damage as she could inside her suit. She uses a paralyzer gun that can turn into a whip, which has a shocking, paralyzing effect on her opponents. She can also make use of her rocket heels, as stupid as that sounds, allows her to pull off some pretty fast and cool-looking moves.

Transforms into a yellow-colored energy whip that lashes in the direction she's facing.

Professor fiendish


Murderous maths
Professor Fiendish is...well, long story. He's the main antagonist of the educational series ironically known as Murderous Maths, and is pretty keen on giving his victims a taste of his long, dull and complex puzzles, often solved very easily by a trick somewhere in the math book that the professor missed. Professor Fiendish is actually really fast, able to copy an opponent's standard moves, and can use the Laws of Math as his very own weapons.




BlazBlue Logo
A happy-go-lucky catgirl who has desires to protect those dear to her heart - or those that offer her food. She's rather simple minded, but Taokaka ain't dumb, she can form up nicknames to remember others later on. As for fighting style, she uses her large, retractable metal claws, and while she isn't really powerful or high on defense, she is extremely mobile and is without a doubt one of the game's most quick characters.


Katsuragi SKDC


A tomboy through and through, she wears nothing under her school uniform which she doesn't wear properly to begin with. She fights using kicks augmented by her metal boots and some her attacks are patterned after dragons.

Transforms into a blue colored energy dragon that rises diagonally upwards in the direction she faces.

Super sonico w microphone render by poppyoreos-d7lw1yj


Remember this character? ...Yeah you don't. Super Sonico first appeared as the mascot for the Nitroplus sponsored music festival, and she was eventually developed into her own media franchise, ranging from music to magna to video games. She's really prone to sleeping and needs help getting up. ...Uhh, so how does she fight? She's actually a really weak fighter but can make other enemies fall asleep and set up combos while they are slow, and she's kinda fast too.


Sanji 04 by candycanecroft-d3jojqr


One piece logo
A pirate and cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is not anyone to be messed with. Alongside Luffy and Zoro, he's part of the Monster Trio and possesses unique abilities - the ability to use his incredible leg strength and use his arms to create an array of handstands, making him a versatile fighter. Cool, calm, and collected, Sanji is a pretty cool guy.




Goeniko was originally devised to be a clone of Goenitz that was created by Rugal. He wanted to use her to once again gain his hands on Orochi's power. However, she rebelled against her creator and stayed true to her origin's roots. She attacks with wind-based attacks and very violent strikes with her legs and hands, often drawin blood from her opponents.

Turns into a blue energy tornado that spins around without moving in any general direction but doubles her speed afterwards

Sonic Runners King Boom Boo


Sonic Series Logo
King Boo is overrated, it's a true fact. So to surprise everyone, we brought the time consuming, player frustrating boss from Sonic Adventure 2: King Boom Boo! We have no idea about what his intentions were other than to scare the living tar out of Knuckles the Echidna, but he's a pretty challenging foe who attacks with his rainbow tongue and ability to teleport around the stage.


P4U Aigis Portrait


Persona logo
Aigis was originally supposed to do naught but obey orders, but developed into a sweet and empathetic young woman with a talent for leadership. In battle though, her sweet personality is tossed aside for speedy and versatile combat, and can manage multiple attacks at once thanks to her tactical abilities as a robot. With practice, just like in Persona 3, Aigis can become one of the game's most powerful characters.




Necalli is a misanthrope (dislikes humans in general) and has a wild personality, somewhat similar to Blanka (when angered), but is much more malicious and unstable. He possesses however a hidden genius. Necalli seems to be attracted to powerful fighters and wishes to devour their souls either for sustenance or to appease his gods due to being their "Emissary". Necalli's fighting style appears to be a mixture of "feral" brawling and wrestling. His attacks include several claw attacks, a dive kick, a ground-slam attack, and various face-slamming grabs.

Transforms into a red mass of energy that explodes in all directions but makes him loose all momentum.



He was made to be the ultimate Kyo Kusanagi clone, outfitted with a special suit to feed data of fighters into his body during battle. This was achieved by cloning K' (rather than Kyo directly). As a side effect, he gained some of K's memories and believed Whip to be his sister. Krizalid is an extremely powerful fighter sporting an incredible anti-air move, high-gauge projectiles and dash attacks that are somewhat inescapable. He can be punished very easily however, a simple missed attack can leave him open.

Turns into a purple mass of energy that moves slowly but gains in speed towards the direction he's facing.



Elfangor is an Andalite War-Prince with the ability to morph into other creatures or other characters, taking their movesets for a short time. He looses these abilities when he taunts. He can attack with a shorm, a scythe-like blade on his long whip-like tail.

He transforms into a blue energy blade that rockets in the direction he's facing.

Spyro the Dragon2


Spyro logo
A cocky yet brave and heroic dragon, Spyro leaps from his iconic tales straight into action! Spyro doesn't have many truly magnificent and unique abilities at hand, but Spyro is a master of the air, able to fly and glide around and breathe powerful flames and even charge straight into his foes to trip them over.




Persona logo
In Persona 3, Thanatos is the Ultimate Persona of the Death Arcana, and is the son of Nyx. Jeez. A Greek God of death and a weapon of mass destruction for his wielder, Thanatos is literally nothing to mess with. It's abilities are taken from the FES version of Persona 3 - the Tempest Slash, Brave Blade, and Megidola attacks are all extremely powerful, but they must put up with Thanatos' slow speed to actually execute these otherwise way overpowered attacks.




Big Hero 6 Logo 2
Aptly named Go Go Tomago knows what it takes to be fast. She's tough, athletic and loyal to the bone, but not much of a conversationalist. The daredevil adrenaline junkie is at her best rolling using maglev discs as wheels, shields and throwing weapons. She one of the faster characters on the roster.

Turns into a giant spinning disk that heads upwards diagonally in the direction she is facing.



Deku and Dekuina are semi-human dolls created by Yuga the Destroyer. Yuga was seeking for the two strongest bodies for a perfect resurrection, a female and a male one. It found the female one in Shiki, and the male one in Haohmaru, but in case it failed to achieve both of them, Yuga created the two dolls, Deku (the male one) and Dekuina (the female one), which were based on Haohmaru and Shiki respectively. Deku fights with big weapon that resembles curved on one end scimitar or axe. His fighting style mimics both Shura/Slash and Rasetsu/Bust Haohmaru. His own unique super move levitates him into air and summons unblockable hellfires from ground underneath his opponent. Dekuina fights with two sword-like weapons. Her fighting style mimics both Shura/Slash and Rasetsu/Bust Shiki. Her own unique super move has her dive underground and carve random routes with one of her swords underground. Its unblockable and instantly kills her opponent if it connects.

Turns into a giant scimitar with two spinning blades surrounding them that goes forward in the direction they are facing.



Logo de InuYasha en kanji
Inuyasha is an inu hanyō, and a very powerful character, being one of the strongest in his series. Throughout travels, he was able to take on - or hold his own - against various opponents, from mere mortals to legends. He's an expert hand-to-hand combatant, good swordsman, a healer, and has above average senses, all in one. He also has quite the longevity and wields impressive demon powers, handed down from his father. He is also Snicks' waifu. Go figure.



Art by Akairiot

Villager is a sociopath that has been locked in a padded cell for years, under the delusion that she has been living in a town full of anthropomorphic animals and has been capturing "bugs" and cutting "trees". She uses an axe to attack, as well as using gyroids as bombs and a rideable missile. She can also send out heavy furniture as a killing move.

Turns into a red energy spinning axe that goes forward in the direction she is facing.



A bounty hunter that doesn't mess around. From a young age, Boba was trained by her father in combat skills, able to handle a blaster at a young age while being deadly in battle scenarios. Her skills grew throughout the years, ands he displayed an affinity for leadership as he formed his own syndicate of bounty hunters. She uses a jetpack to fly around and can fire from twin laser pistols in her attacks, as well as send sticky bombs onto her enemies.

Turns into a green energy rocket that goes forward in the direction she is facing.



TimeStrike Logo
A rich businesswoman that is pretty much all the jizz and jazz around the Zaxinian Lifts. A greedy, rich-seeking woman with a heart for sardines and sex, and a head of the corrupted Zaxinian Government, she is definitely not any woman to mess with. To add insult to injury, she can toss ninja stars, kick harshly with her feet, and fire missiles from the cannons she carries around. She can also flash her body to temporarily stun others.




TimeStrike Logo
A live scarecrow originating from a city that is more corrupted than the Zaxinian Government. She lived pretty peacefully with her girlfriend Hene until someone dragged her into this project. Poor Syi. Syi, like Valerie, is pretty powerful and difficult to mess with, and attacks with long distance vines and can use aloe vera to heal herself. She is highly subject to getting tossed away, however, and has a very poor defense.




While deceptively strong, Tifa is empathic and emotionally shy. While identifying and responding to the feelings of others, Tifa does not express her feelings often and when she does she struggles doing so. Tifa is a hard worker and spends her time caring for everyone but herself. She uses physical brawling attacks which she can charge up with Limit Break.

Transforms into a white colored energy comet that squirms in the direction she is facing, get faster as the attack continues.

SBK SirLancelot


Sonic Series Logo
Wait, this isn't Sir Lancelot? ...This is Shadow the Hedgehog?? You're half right - this is King Arthur-Shadow though, so it's automatically better. Still the "edgy" hedgehog everyone knows and loves, Shadow dons this armor once more and fights. Shadow uses chaos energy to attack, as well as super speed and quick physical attacks, as well as his sword, which isn't really powerful, but it is swung quite fast.




Undertale logo
Ah, Temmie, from the Temmie Village. She has an erratic pattern of speech and attacks with internet memes and general randomness, from really long kicks from retractable legs to smashing into her opponents. She is quite fond of Temmie Flakes, and has...well, a liking for human beings. Apparently they are adorable.




Dib Membrane is an eccentric young boy who is obsessed with the paranormal. He is the brother of Gaz and the son of Professor Membrane, as well as Zim's greatest nemesis. He attends school with Zim, and is determined to stop him from conquering Earth and expose him as an alien, though almost nobody believes him. He is highly unpopular at school and at home for said obsession with the paranormal, and is often dismissed as "crazy" or "insane." He attacks with a water balloon gun and other technological gadgets.

Turns into a zig-zagged line of energy that moves in the direction he's facing.



Dragon Ball logo
Launch is a woman with a strange disorder which causes her to switch between two different personalities each time she sneezes. Her first personality is a sweet, blue haired woman, who is pure-hearted. Her other personality is an angry, trigger-happy, blonde haired woman, who commits crimes for money and is quick to respond with gunfire when angered. Neither of Launch's personalities remembers the other's actions, or anything they said. She attacks differently when she sneezes, with Good Launch attacking with more physical based attacks while Bad Launch attacks with ranged gun attacks.

Launch splits into two projectiles that go into opposite directions.

Shade Mann


Mega man logo
Shade Man is one of Dr. Wily's various robot masters, and is a robot based off a vampire, living off oil. There really isn't much else to him other than the fact that he wants to be a singer but he's not able to whatsoever. He usually battles by flying around, swooping down, and using the Noise Crush to hit opponents, the Noise Crush doubling in power if it gets flung off a wall.




Sinistar cover
Sinistar, an animated spacecraft with a skull face, is definitely a unique fighter, roaming around the battlefield, using its John Doremus voice, seeking to hit opponents with its massive body. It can use various items from its game, including the Sinibombs and enemy warrior ships. We have no idea what it's purpose is supposed to be, but Sinistar is a threatening opponent that has free movement, able to keep opponents on its toes. The monster is also home to a powerful bite attack - if he bites an opponent as they are at the center of his mouth, they'll take massive damage.




Jeb! has his debating boots on, he's ready to rumble! He's actually a joke character but the game's instruction manual hypes him up to make you think he'll be amazing to play. Spoiler: He's not. Jeb is mess. Jeb is a waste. Jeb is a big fat mess. He doesn't actually have any good attacks and most of them harm him as much as his opponent or heck, even heal his opponents. If he somehow wins, he has to ask people to clap for him.

Turns into a energy elephant before immediately petering out.

Rinkah portrait


Fire Emblem series logo
A fighter born into the Flame Tribe, she was captured by Nohrian soldiers and place in prison before being freed by the Avatar and Xander. A fierce and rather independent warrior, Rinkah is not to be messed with. In accordance with her clan’s law of solitude, she does not interact with her comrades more than what is necessary, but can get fired up easily. Rinkah uses clubs and axes to attack foes.




Pokemon logo
This is Pikachu. It's not Wario. C'mon, why don't you believe us? Is it because that he attacks with a Shoulder Charge and one of his attacks is him farting? You're completely ignoring his taser move! And what about move where he attacks with a live wire? Pikachu tends to attack in odd particular ways that may make him seem like a joke fighter, but he's just as powerful as any real character.

Turns into a lightning bolt that zaps in a line in the direction you're facing.

King Famardy


King of the Monsters Logo
Famardy is a large, grotesque alien whose origins lie in outer space from another star or galaxy. He is made up of smaller aliens who look just like him. Famardy jumps around the arena, knocking into opponents. Famardy can shoot three blue bubbles that are meant to temporarily inflate his opponents. He can also swallow his opponent which will either slightly injure them or swallow them whole to instantly kill them. He's very slow though.

Transforms into a bunch of energy bubbles that explode on contact, however he looses momentum.

Valentine skullgirls


Skullgirls Logo
Valentine is the last surviving member of the Last Hope and can be considered an anti-hero. She keeps most of her things to herself, therefore a lot of her is unknown, leaving room to speculate on what's unknown about her. Valentine fights like a classic ninja, also utilizing hospital items and ninjutsu techniques. Uniquely however, she picks up her game in the air, using aerial attacks to do high combo damage to enemies to compensate for her lack of actual power output. Watch out for her bonesaw - it hurts, like love itself.




Sniper is the tough and ready crack shot, using the Sniper Rifle to pick on enemies from afar. He isn't good with close range, but from afar, he can do a good job and has potential to have a great camping game. Australians are pretty tough people, hardy and all that. Sniper is well known for being able to land critical hit damage from his guns, having the occasion of firing an extra strong attack.




K' (real name unknown) was a normal child who lived happily with his sister, Seirah. One day, they were captured by NESTS, a crime syndicate who dealt with drugs, genetics, robotics and biotechnology. K' was kept under NESTS and trained to be some kind of weapon. During the program, K's memory was tinkered with, and he was made to believe that he was Krizalid's clone. K's fighting style is said to be "Pure Violence", but it has several similarities with Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. He even uses some of his famous moves, such as the One inch punch and Flying Kicks. As a nod to hinting of said "violence", K's moves tend to show very violent mannerisms due to his high-strung nature. This ranges from violent elbow strikes, enraged battle cries, and even resorting to throw his sunglasses at his foe and following up with a beatdown, no holds barred.

Transforms into a flaming fist that snaps it fingers when it's finished.



Mai is a modern-world young female ninja and the granddaughter of the ninjutsu master Hanzo Shiranui, with the ability to create and control fire. She is a founding member of the King of Fighters Tournament's Women Fighters Team. She uses two paper fans and her fire abilities to fight.

Transforms into a flaming fan, waving up and down in the direction she was facing.



Zelda Logo.svg
Ganondorf goes by many aliases, including the Great King of Evil and the Dark Lord, which sound pretty generic, but he really does live up to those names. He often seeks the Triforce - a powerful sacred relic - to fulfill his own needs. Often wielding one of the Triforce pieces, the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf is pretty much invincible and can only be defeated by a few specific weapons, including the Master Sword and the Triforce itself. This greedy and powerful king actually reflects off his Super Smash Bros. incarnation - except that now he properly uses a sword. Keep an eye out for his powerful, reversible Warlock Punch.


Mr. Blik


Catscratch Logo
A loud and incredibly obnoxious black cat who pretty much means bad luck, as indicated by his color, often getting himself and his younger siblings in some form of trouble. While in Catscratch he plays the role of an antagonist pretty frequently, he often redeems himself in the end, and uhh...the episodes end well. Mr. Blik is pretty fast and has a small hurtbox, so he can avoid plenty of small attacks. He can also use Gordon and Waffle - his cat siblings - to attack opponents, and even summon the Kraken - one of his few friends.




Basically midget Freddy Kruger. He is sadistic, since he loves to slice stuff, especially human flesh. Choi fights with his super speed and attacking with claws. Choi can also spin his body at great speeds, creating a hurricane around his body. He can also utilize Taekwondo moves.

Turns into three outstretching lines of light in the direction he's facing.



Kingdom Hearts wordmark the third game of the series
Sora is the main protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as a Keyblade wielder. He is an upbeat teenager who may seem simple-minded at times, but is very aware of the importance of his quest. He possesses a strong sense of justice and an unrelenting heart. He attacks with his keyblade and magical abilities such as Fireaga and Blizzaraga. His recovery isn't too great but he can make quick, calculated attacks.

Turns into a energy keyblade with a red tint that spins forward in the direction he faces.



A wizard that's generally one with nature, with the fear of becoming "soft". So afraid, in fact, that it lead her to the madness and sadness that comes with wizardry. She attacks with arrows she levitates herself and can turn projectiles into harmless leaves and turn into a log for a fast, hardhitting attack from above.

Transforms into a energy arrow that shoots forward in the direction she's facing.



The chief of the Ioka Tribe in Prehistory. Her people are in constant war against the Reptites, an evolved, intelligent race of reptiles. She is characterized as fiercely courageous, decisively confident, and morally pure. Highly dexterous, Ayla travels and attacks with her hands and feet, reminiscent of felines. She can also throw boulders.

Turns into a spinning energy club in the direction she's facing..

Bk crowncardTheKing en 01


Burger king logo 2
An advertising mascot for the Burger King food chain. That's it, there's hardly much else to him barring fighting style. He attacks with Whoppers, expensive items, and awful drinks, as well as kitchen grease and weapons from slaughterhouses. He can also eat his own weapons to restore his own health. His greatest attack, the Whopper Punch, does a bit of recoil, but sends foes flying.


250px-Mr. Game & Watch SSB4


Game & Watch logo
A composite representation of all the generic video game characters in Nintendo's Game & Watch products, Mr. Game & Watch is certainly unique, for he moves in only the second dimension, for where he comes from, a third dimension does not exist. He borrows many moves from across the Game & Watch games, including Chef, Judgement, Fire, and Oil Panic, all of which act identical to those in his Smash moveset. He is a silent, flat powerhouse with a grand aerial game.



Image Info


Kill la Kill logo.svg

Ragyō is a character bathed in luxury, and it shows in her overall presentation and attitude. She is vain and proud, and boasts her power and status abundantly. She is strangely willing to indulge the whims of her inferiors, and is quite personable with those loyal to her, and is similarly ruthless towards her enemies. However, she is individualistically cruel and sadistic, brutalizing and maniacally taunting. She enjoys domination and control, lusting for power over the world in order to give it to the Life Fibers. She shouts out commands and those who do them tend to win her favor.



Fire Emblem series logo

Tharja comes off as a stalker due to her unhealthy obsession with the Avatar, regardless of their gender. She even values the Avatar's life more than her own and usually acts quite amorously around them. She is willing to do whatever it takes to win their affections, even if it means changing her whole personality to suit their taste. Around others though, she is a rather cold individual, usually threatening to curse them if they stand in the way of her plans of gaining the Avatar's affections. It is unknown how she became an Emperor, but she is constantly watching to see if the Avatar is there and most fights tend to bore her. On rare occasions she may even ask to execute all fighters.

Egg Emperor


Sonic Series Logo

The Egg Emperor must be in because it's an emperor, correct? Anyway, the Egg Emperor, piloted by Metal Sonic disguising as Dr. Eggman, attacked the four individual teams from Sonic Heroes for different reasons per team, but ultimately failed. The sole reason of the machine was to be a final attempt to slay the heroes. The reasons why the machine became an actual Emperor, like with Tharja, are quite unknown, but it silently watches the matches, and if unsatisfied, it will toss out beam projecties from its sword, and perhaps even charge at players if they really bore it.




A psychopathic demon who will bring about the collapse of the universe if let free. Luckily, that won't happen. Right...? Bill likes crazy shit, and tends to bring out the guardian whenever he can. Of course, if the players defeat the guardian, he gets pissed and will start bringing in his OWN "guardians".




Part of the Brotherhood, a organization consisting of whatever the hell Tabuu is. Taizo is violent and doesn't take any shit when it comes to ruling dimensions. Aggressive and fairly powerful, one doesn't want to mess with Taizo. Put on a good show and he won't think much of it, but put on a bad one and he'll have everyone executed.


Image Info


Half of Lilith's petrified head and some of the petrified Mass Production Eva Series are on a beach near the LCL Sea. Some grave markers have been erected: one has Misato's cross nailed to it, while another grave marker has been kicked down. The moon is shown with a streak of red crossing it and the night sky. This stage is a flat stage and features no present dangers, but it does make you feel unbelievably unnerved.

When it appears, it goes berserk, going after any player that's close to it. It can't be defeated by normal means, the only way to win is to make it believe nobody is around by standing still.

Velvet Room


Persona logo
The Velvet room, a room existing between dream and reality, mind and matter, according to the words of Igor. Many incarnations of this room exist, but this one specifically is a rising elevator. While being a mostly flat level, it has a table in the center that can be used as a platform. Occasionally, Shadows from the outside will attack from the outside world. Igor closely watches the battle, interestingly observing the players, although not like he were one of the game's Guardians.

Erebus rarely appears, but when it does, it is a truthfully terrifying creature to face. The manifestation of humanity's grief and negative emotion, it starts taking damage when the players are fighting with all their might against the beast, in which it believes you are being confident and positive with your possible victory. It's move, Dark Embrace, makes it more vulnerable to attack, but it can generate instant knockout moves. Doing enough damage to Erebus guarantees he'll disappear.



A stage that takes place in China with a couple of people around to watch the fight. It's a flat stage with no gimmicks whatsoever.

Chinese centaurs are desert demons who lives primarily in the western desert areas. it is said that the horns of such creatures can cure all diseases. This one appears to have been captured by the Emperors and isn't exactly in a fighting mood, but when provoked it rams into opponents.



Sonic Series Logo
A bumpy around with many slopes and alcoves with a slippery, flat icy floor in the dead center. There are many breakable objects in this stage, you can break vases, structures, and even parts of the level to get around as much as possible. Occasionally, skeleton pirates will come out from hiding and try and attack you with their swords. You cannot defeat them by normal means - knock them out of the arena!

Merlina the dark queen
Merlina, the Dark Queen from Avalar, will sometimes enter the Skeleton Dome and attack players using her spiritual form, attacking with multiple swords and dark magic. She does not concentrate on where the players are, her attacks go all around the arena. Her weakness is her chest, and if players do not defeat her quickly, they'll find that the Skeleton Dome is turning into her own dimension - and that she only gets stronger. If she is defeated, the arena will revert to normal.



Randomly generated every time, each stage has a new layout and obstacles such as lava and ice. Blocks that are breakable appear on the stage and will be replaced if broken. You can save layouts that you like after the end of the match and choose those if you want to.

It's an elephant made of Super Mario Bros. tiles and blocks! When summoned, it chases opponents across the stage, spewing out bullet bills. Although massive, all one has to do is get inside the castle and attack his core. You have to do this three time and then it's over. He's dead. For now.

Space Paranoids- The Datascape (Art) KHII


Space Paranoids is a world within Hollow Bastion's computer in Kingdom Hearts II. It is based on the Disney movie Tron, and is named after the video game created by Kevin Flynn in the movie. It's a relatively simple stage that features parts of the stage being deleted and then reinserted, sometimes new parts showing up.

The Hostile Program's first attack is conjuring energy orbs that will zig-zag across the room. The Hostile Program will also shoot at players with rapid laser blasts, these can easily be avoided. Once the Hostile Program has taken enough damage, it will lose its armor and begin to charge around the room several times, so quickly run to the center. Destroy the Hostile Program.

NoMansSky NoMansPlanet


By far the most ambitious stage, it's a randomly generated stage with randomly generated platforms, grass colors, wildlife, and ships. Even it's guardian is randomly generated. Each stage is unique and if you don't like it, you don't have to quit, just get on the space ship and find another one.

Who knows? This guardian has a random appearance, random weaknesses, and random powers. Just hope you don't get one too tough.



Kingdom Hearts wordmark the third game of the series
Located near the Castle That Never Was, the building kept watch over the residents of the Dark. On its front, it has a massive television screen that seems to flash images of memories of those nearby. It's a flat stage with no real obstacles to speak of... except for... well, see the Guardian tab.

Xemnas KHD
Organization XIII's Number I. He directs the group as its leader. In truth, he is the Nobody of Xehanort, who was apprenticed to Ansem the Wise. In secret, Xehanort studied the doors and the heart of all worlds, ultimately stealing his master's name, Ansem. When Xehanort became a Heartless, his Nobody Xemnas came into being. One of the harder guardians, he has a lot of health and abilities such as floating and flying using the power of nothing to generate Ethereal Blades.



Kingdom Hearts wordmark the third game of the series
A graveyard of Organization members. It's dead and quiet here, possibly not for long. It's also a walk-off stage, so keep that in mind.

Saïx KHD
Saïx is the Nobody of Isa, Rank VII within Organization XIII, as well as the second-in-command to Xemnas and a major antagonist in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. He derives power from the Moon, and uses this power to enter a berserk rage where he mercilessly attacks opponents with his massive claymore. Dodge his attacks as you watch for a rare opening. After taking damage, he will revert to his normal self, making him more susceptible to attack. Finish him quickly.



Kingdom Hearts wordmark the third game of the series
Havoc's Divide is an area in the Castle That Never Was, accessed through Proof of Existence. It appears to be Luxord's chamber or a place he prefers spending his time at. The area is sloped and leads to a steep drop downwards. It's occupied by Nobodies called Gamblers who can make you a lot of money in matches if you play your cards right. It's a walk-off stage.

Luxord KHD
Organization XIII's Number X, a gambler who can manipulate time. Having shaken Sora and his companions with his words, Luxord entertained himself by drawing them into a game-like battle. Luxord uses his attribute, time, in unorthodox methods when compared to other Organization XIII members. One might not even see his element as time at first glance. He has no health bar, instead the players and him take damage over time and when they are damaged. First to empty their time meter looses.



Doors are a major way of going from room to room in the Monsters, Inc. factory from the movie Monsters, Inc. Scarers use this technology to enter the Human World and scare children. In the Door Vault, millions of doors are stored and hung on rails, which you'll be skating on for most of the battle or clinging onto a door. You can open up the doors, have your opponent foolishly go inside and then drop the doors to kill your opponents.

Randall works as a Scarer for Monsters, Inc. by entering children's rooms through a system of closet doors and scaring sleeping children to bottle their screams, which is a source of power in their world. He is in competition with the other monsters for the glorious post of Top Scarer. Randall constructed a "Scream Extractor" and kidnapped a human child in cooperation with the company's leader, Henry J. Waternoose, with the hopes to eventually rise to the leader of the company. In this stage, he chases you and you might not even know where he is due to his camouflage ability. Tricking him into a door and dropping it will get rid of him.


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