First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 5

Wind-Up, the biggest loser in the Multiverse.

Latest appearance: World Wide Warriors

Wind-Up is the worst character in the Lapisverse, being a complete joke in every game he's starred in, with the exception of World Wide Warriors.


Built in the enchanted workshop of a toymaker obsessed with time, Wind-Up was created to help keep his massive collection of complicated clocks working perfectly. But when the toymaker popped out of existence in a freak accident caused by putting hot cocoa in a cross-wired Arkeyan oven, Wind-Up found himself surrounded by an invading Cyclops platoon - with an eye towards claiming the toymaker's secrets for themselves. Using split-second timing, clockwork strategy, and his totally wound up energy, Wind-Up bravely sprang into action and... killed himself. Several times.

Quotes from Others

No matter what franchise they come from or what they hate about each other, everyone in the ENTIRE EXTENDED UMBRELLAVERSE hates Wind-Up. Examples of their feedback are shown below:

He's my least favorite Skylander, for god's sake!
The Irate Gamer
He is too complicated, even for me.
Can I take back the whole 'freedom is the right of all sentient beings' thing? I mean, I could be a bit more specific. This nutjob's a shame to robotic lifeforms everywhere.
Optimus Prime
Ugh. How did WIND-UP get in here, of all people? He's annoying!
And rude!
And lame.
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup
Hmph. What a pathetic, weak-minded fool. This messed-up machine seems to be obsessed with Taylor Swift... I mean, really. What kind of idiot listens to Taylor Swift?
Are you kidding me?! Wind-Up's a TOTAL LOSER! Why would you want to hang out with him? He can only hurt himself, he's got terrible recovery... Oh! And did I mention that HE'S TOO SLOW?!
Sonic the Hedgehog
Just imagine my total disgust when THIS dude came into view. Don't ask me why he can't deal any damage; all you need to know is that he's the most conceited blowhard I've ever met.
Gumball Watterson