World War X is a exclusive game to the Lapis Wiki. It's gameplay is said to be similar to Fire Emblem and Kingdom Hearts.


You select several characters to be part of your army; all these characters move on a map similar to Fire Emblem. When they encounter an enemy, the gameplay shifts to you controlling the character that was attacked.

Additionally, players can begin a new timeline at any point with a selection of characters following them to the new timeline. The old timeline will still go and can be revisited. Tampering too much with time will create the Time Bandits, who show up to stop you from creating more failed timelines.


World War X


The first campaign. It takes place during Fighters of Lapis 6 and follows Batman and Luigi. A man known as Thanos plans on getting the infinity gems and another group known as the Sugarplums are also after the infinity gems. Batman must free Luigi and himself from the madness that the Sugarplums have infected themselves with while saving this alternate universe named Nimbus from the Sugarplums and Thanos.

Can be found here.

Starter Characters

This is your starting army. All these characters are available from the start to use, so use them wisely.

Image Info

Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

SSB Unavaliable

Batman's back-up personality. He has enhanced speed and strength, but none of Batman's prep time. He is assisted by Bat-Mite to do things, although they may not be the right things...



SSB KillLaKill

A cartoonish girl who has over the top attacks and the ability to deliver big speeches while completely misunderstanding the point of what she's talking about. This still convinces the enemy to be softer towards the opposing team.



SSB Tron

Able to use identity discs to attack as while use a light-cycle.




Can turn into a bat creature, suck blood, and use flame attacks.



SSB Madoka

Can stop time and use guns and bombs to attack. It's also worth noting she can turn back time and create new timelines and visit previous timelines used by the player before.



SSB Taiko

Known as the dimensional pied piper, his power exceeds that of Morgan Freeman's, able to travel through universes like butter and summon characters from other universes to his aid. That said, he attacks using music and drum sounds.



SSB Taiko

Appears alongside Don-Chan. She can attack using spirits or healing her fellow fighters on the battlefield by setting up a feast.


Joanna Dark

SSB PerfectDark

Joanna is an operative for the Carrington Institute, where she was given the code name "Perfect Dark" in honor of her flawless performance in training tests. Joanna is a highly skilled marksman, a lethal hand to hand combat fighter, and an expert pilot and driver.


Rumble McSkirmish

Gravity Falls Icon

Rumble McSkirmish is a playable fighter in Fight Fighters, an arcade game that Dipper and Wendy like to play. He mainly punches things and uses hadokens to attack.


Image Info


SSB YesterdayVsTommorow

Raymond is a nonchalant and humorous character (even though his humor is so bad that it sometimes hurts) who has a huge sense of exploration. His admiration of finding new areas and discovering new things is astounding, even though he's a tad too daring. He can use his scarf as a way to float down slowly after a jump, and his hat as a projectile, like a boomerang. He mostly fights with melee attacks.

Joins during the middle of the Battle of Lynnhaven I with Francesca.



SSB YesterdayVsTommorow

Francesca is a spunky and athletic girl that aids Raymond with her smarts and amazing skills. A courageous young lady, she will do whatever it takes to help those in need, as well as whatever she can to get what she wants. Her athletics let her use a double jump and run quicker, as well as using a javelin to smash through walls. She mainly fights through the use of mysterious elemental spells.

Joins during the middle of the Battle of Lynnhaven I with Raymond.

Yakuza baby

Yakuza Baby

SSB WorldWarX

A baby that is part of the Yakuza gang. He attacks by using a variety of fire arms. He can also get into Yakuza hide outs.

Found at the end of the Battle of Lynnhaven I.

Mechaburger Prime

Mechaburger Prime

SSB WorldWarX

Design by AlmightyRayzilla
The boss of the first stage. He attacks by summoning little Mechaburgers and using his wide arsenal of weaponry. His origin is unknown...

Character token found in the Battle of Lynnhaven I.


Peira Noid (Reality 413)


A Peira Noid from a reality that closely mirrors the Homestuck one. Able to use magic (with fire and ice powers) and use a fan to increase these powers.

Joins at the start of the Battle of Lynnhaven II.


Honeydance (Reality 413)

SSB WorldWarXSburbLogo

A Honeydance from Reality 413. She is the split personality of The Creator of Doodleland as well as the creator of Goldbug and Spike. She attacks using a hive of bees and dancing.

Joins in the middle of the Battle of Lynnhaven II.



SSB WorldWarX

An annoying twerp who doesn't know how to spell and claims he's from Brazil. He's not though, he's just really stupid. I can say this because it is me, five years ago. Anyway, he appears as an helpless NPC at first, but if you find his character token, you can control him with his ability to agitate enemies, which makes them attack more wrecklessly.

Find his character token in the Battle of Lynnhaven II.



SSB Mother3New

The younger of twin brothers living in Tazmily Village in the Nowhere Islands. He's a kind boy who can communicate with animals, but he's shy and never really got over the tragedy that struck his mother. He attacks using PSI powers and using the Rope Snake.

Found at the start of the Battle of New Pork City I.


Captain America

SSB CaptainAmerica

The leader of the Avengers.

Joins at the start of the Battle of the Avengers I.


Iron Man


Iron Man can fly and shoot repulsor beams, but he has an energy limit before his suit must be charged. He's a very powerful character, but he has limits.

Joins mid-way of the Battle of the Avengers I.


The Hulk

SSB Avengers

The Hulk possesses an incredible level of superhuman physical ability. The amount of damage he causes works off how angry he is.

Joins at the end of the Battle of the Avengers I.



SSB Avengers

MODOK has psionic powers enabling him to mentally control both individuals and large groups, and generate force fields able to withstand minor nuclear explosions. He can also fire missiles.

Character token found in the Battle of the Avengers I.

Thor png by qwaseer-d4ukrkj



The god of thunder and one of the Avengers. Thor uses his hammer to generate electricity and deliver blunt blows. He can grab the hammer no matter where or how it's thrown as long as he opens up his palm.

Joins at the start of the Battle of the Avengers II.

SJPA Hawkeye 4


SSB Hawkeye

A master archer called "Hawkeye", otherwise known as “The World’s Greatest Marksman”. He works with SHIELD and can use a multitude of different arrows with different effects.

Joins in the middle of the Battle of the Avengers II with Black Widow.

SJPA Black Widow 3

Black Widow

SSB Avengers

The Black Widow is a world class athlete, gymnast, acrobat, aerialist capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats, expert martial artist, marksman, and weapons specialist as well as having extensive espionage training.

Joins in the middle of the Battle of the Avengers II with Hawkeye.

Fury Lapis5

Nick Fury

SSB Avengers

Nick Fury is an alpha member of SHIELD. While rather old, Nick Fury is wise and skilled with armed weapons. He can also fake his death to fool enemies.

Joins at the end of the Battle of the Avengers II.

Super Skrull

Super Skrull

SSB FantasticFour

A Skrull with the Powers of Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, and The Human Torch. Able to fly, blast fire, turn invisible, stretch his limbs, and hit hard, Super Skrull is extremely versatile. He is heavily impacted by loud sounds though.

Character token found in Battle of the Avengers II.




He is the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor. He is based on the being of the same name from Norse mythology. He is able to use his staff to shoot energy beams and turn the hearts of men to his side.

Character token found in Battle of the Avengers III.



SBB Shantae

Shantae is a half-genie, protector of Scuttletown. She uses her hair to attack in addition to a little bit of magic as well as some transforming.

Joins at the start of the Battle of Scuttletown I.



SBB Shantae

One of Shantae's friends. She can use her bird to attack enemies from afar while attacking closer enemies with a sword. She can also fly over obstacles blocking her path.

Joins mid-way during of the Battle of Scuttletown I.

Ammo Baron Key Art

Ammo Baron

SBB Shantae

The Ammo Baron of Scuttletown. Though a bit of a sleazy jerk, he is not overtly evil. He attacks using a tank and his Ammo Army. He is a very powerful character.

Character token found in the Battle of Scuttletown I.



SBB Shantae

A zombie friend of Shantae. She can use the World Wide Web to entrap enemies and summon her brothers to help her out.

Joins at the start of the Battle of Scuttletown II.


Succubus Shantae

SBB Shantae

The succubus form of Shantae that got separated from her. In addition to having all of Shantae's moves (minus hair-whipping), she can suck souls and seduce enemies.

Character token found in the Battle of Scuttletown II.



SBB Shantae

Nega-Shantae is an evil clone of Shantae created from her own genie magic. She is able to use all of Shantae's genie powers and use them in a much more powerful way. However, she has poor defense.

Character token found in Battle of Scuttletown II.



SBB Shantae

The nefarious lady-pirate Risky Boots, and Shantae's nemesis, is known throughout Sequin Land for her love of wealth, power, and all shiny things. Risky is an unchallenged and self-appointed 'queen of the Seven Seas', and will caution and toll anyone to think otherwise. She can use her henchmen and her sword to attack.

Character token found in Battle of Scuttletown III.



SSB Vocaloid

Gumi has been part of this war for three years and she sees no end to it. However when Batman appears and begins to win these battles, she realizes Batman may be the key to ending this long war. She attacks with a dubstep rifle.

Joins at the start of the Battle of the Droids I.




IG-88 is a bounty hunter droid. He attacks with missiles and trackers.

Character token found in Battle of the Droids I.




4-LOM is a bounty hunter droid. He attacks with a long range plasma rifle that is best suited for long distances.

Character token found in Battle of the Droids I.


General Grevious


He is the Supreme Commander of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Battles on the Galactic Republic and is trained in all lightsaber combat forms to ensure the Jedi's destruction. He has four lightsabers and attacks at 4x the rate that any other sword wielder can but he lacks the force.

Character token found in Battle of the Droids III.

Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant


An Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. With the abilities to shoot lasers and fly, he is a very powerful character, but he requires a master to do anything.

Character token found in the Battle of the Candy Kingdom III.


Gumball (Grandtheftaverse)

SSB GrandTheftGumball

The Slayer of the Titans and Experiments, as well as the Destroyer of the End. His eye was torn out during a battle, but he has since replaced it with a cyborg eye. He and Darwin now contuine their criminal activities and accidentally save the worlds if it comes in their path. He attacks using eating attacks, cars, and guns.

Character token found in the Battle of Elmore I.




The Batman. He can throw Batarangs and use an ability called Prep-Time to assure victory. This move, however, needs time and if you don't got it... Batman may not live to see another day.

Level Batman of Zur-En-Arrh to level 20.


Mako (Two Star Goku Uniform)

SSB KillLaKill

Mako's Two Star uniform. In battle, she uses her Geta shoes to deliver powerful kicks and is able to send her impromptu weapons in a barrage against her opponent. She can use a chain to bind her opponent and slam the opponent around. As a close combat weapon, she uses a golden bat wrapped with bandages with nails stabbed into it. She can fire a high power missile out of that bat, at the cost of the bat shattering. She also uses her bronze knuckles to deliver punches. When punching with her full power, she is capable of making a giant crater in the ground and create a shock-wave that blows everyone away.

Level Batman of Mako to level 20.


Exonaut Marceline

SSB Exonaut

The Exonaut version of Marceline. One of the faster characters, but comes at the cost having less health. Attacks with a gun called Wildfire.

Level Marceline to level 20.


Gold Don-Chan

SSB Taiko

The golden version of Don-Chan. Gains the ability to fly. All abilities are turbo-boosted.

Level Don-Chan to level 20.


Thane, Son of Thanos

SSB ThanosorTheBlackOrder

Thane is the son of Thanos. Thane’s powers include coating people in amber, either to harm or to protect them; spreading plague; and healing allies by harming enemies.

Unlocked at the end of the Battle of Infinity II.

Proxima Midnight Portrait Art

Proxima Midnight

SSB ThanosorTheBlackOrder

One of the members of the Black Order. She is a master combatant with super strength, speed, and durability. She attacks with her spear.

Character token found in the Battle of Infinity II.



SSB ThanosorTheBlackOrder

The leader of the Black Order. Thanos has always allowed himself to be defeated because the Titan secretly knows he is not worthy of ultimate power. Despite that, Thanos is very powerful and uses the infinity gems in his attacks.

Character token found in the Battle of Infinity III.

Secret Boss Characters

These characters appear in World War X as secret fightable boss characters. Most can be unlocked as playable characters.

Image Info How to Fight

Morgan Freeman

SSB Lapis6

The god of the Lapisverse. Nearly impossible to beat as he attacks with his voice and light energy attacks. When defeated he will join you.

Secret Door found in the last level of End of Days.

MechaGod Optimus Prime

SSB Transfomers

Optimus Prime from near the End of Time and Existence. He came to stop Twilight Sparkle from devouring Multiverses. He has gone insane during his search though, and now believes he is fighting all of her minions instead of his friends in the past. He attacks using a sword, Xenomonolith-enchanced speed, and robotic parasite missiles.

Find Michael Bay's script in the Battle Theater.


SSB WorldWarX

Batman also from near the End of Time and Existence. He has become mute, attacking with shadows and gigantic versions of his gadgets. He can also phase between realities, creating darkness to cloak himself in making him straight up invisible. He can also hold four weapons at once as well as fly.

Find the four Black Crystals in the Space Between.

God Waluigi

SSB WorldWarX

Making his first fangame debut, God Waluigi is known as a anti-god, actively destroying the universe with his presence. He can fly around very fast and shoot purple fireballs that create nuclear explosions. Very hard to beat. When defeated he will join you.

Find Waluigi's Diarrhea hidden in The Ten Year War.


SSB WorldWarX

One of the biggest characters in the game, Xenomonolith is a massive thing. Don't be fooled though; that's just a shell of broken planets being held up by the fastest being in the universe. You have to find a blind spot in order to even have a chance of defeating him.

Find the graveyard of karts.


SSB WorldWarX

A creature so abstract it doesn't even have a name that can be translated into a readable format. DUCKNAME attacks using it's body to wrap around opponents and can split off into millions of pieces.

Find the pieces of DUCKNAME floating around in the Xenomonolith battlefield.
Super Saying Mario

Super Sayin' Mario

SSB WorldWarX

You must take on both Super Sayin' Mario and Mega-er Man at the Emerald Isles. Super Sayin' Mario is able to turn his words into weapons, as well as create a nearly invincible shield.

Go to the Emerald Isles.

Mega-er Man

SSB WorldWarX

You must take on both Super Sayin' Mario and Mega-er Man at the Emerald Isles. Mega-er Man is Mega Man but more Mega, I guess. His blaster is so powered up it's actually starting to crack. He can copy abilities of anyone he kills and use a unlimited amount of their skill.

Go to the Emerald Isles.


SSB KingsofPower4Billion%

The King of Gods. Attacks by trapping you in another dimension and then spamming her gut attack. She can also summon the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and revive herself.

Defeat the Violence Kings.
Omegaverse Empress Ballgum

Omegaverse Empress Ballgum

SSB GrandTheftGumball

Pulled the strings in Grand Theft Gumball. Xenomonolith-enduced speed, able to shoot 400+ lasers at once, and use a sword from the tears of the gods.

Go to the End.

Twilight Sparkle: Devourer of the Multiverse

SSB WorldWarX

Known as the Devourer of the Multiverse, Twilight Sparkle is attracted by friendship, an abstract concept. She is an anti-deity like God Waluigi, but her power far exceeds any god. Nearly impossible to defeat with her Mirror of Truth shield, blood energy attacks, and Xenomonolith-enchanced speed. She is the true final boss, and cannot be unlocked.

Unlocked by finding the ruins of the Tower of Ungodliness.