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Full Name Zoshi
Current Age 99
Date of Birth December 31, 1914
Gender Male
Species Zoshi
Location Zoshi's Zsland
Current Status In Zario's bedroom
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) <insert name here>
Vulnerable To Nothing
First Appearance Zuper Zario Zrothers Zxtreme
Zoshi is a dinosaur that helps Zario in his adventures in Zuper Zario Zrothers Zxtreme.



Unlike Zario, Zoshi is extremely UP. Whenever Zowser touches him, Zoshi is incinerated into dust. Although Zario is usually kind, sometimes when this happens in battle, Zario throws Zoshi's ashes into lava in anger.




Zuper Zario Zrothers Zxtreme

Zoshi helps Zario slaughter Zowser.

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